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Yost + Psylocke = Perfection

The Story:

Psylocke travels to Japan and is abruptly attacked by ninjas dressed as The Hand sent by Matsu'o Tsurayaba, the man responsible for placing her mind in the body of an Asian ninja. Psylocke then seeks him out with the intent of killing him until she comes in contact with a friend.

My Thoughts:

This four issue mini-series is written by the man responsible for so many great X-Men stories; Chris Yost. He's definitely becoming one of my favorite writers when it comes to X-Men characters. Anything he's a part of seems to be an instinct classic.

The story itself was very compelling. The man responsible for all the pain Psylocke is going through, sends a group of ninjas after her. While they didn't intend on killing her, she must decide whether or not she should kill Matsu'o. I love how Yost fills in readers who aren't familiar with Psylocke's past. In such a short time, he makes you feel like you've known Psylocke for years. I already liked her before this, but now I like her even more. You can tell Yost cares about the characters he writes.

The shocking and exciting ending at issue three really gets your heart pumping. When Matsu'o removes his wardrobe to reveal his disfigured body and Wolverine appears seconds later, I couldn't help but get excited as a smile appeared all over my face. Yost really increased my appreciation for Wolverine as well. Wolverine wouldn't let Psylocke kill Matsu'o because he poisoned Mariko years ago. Now each year on the anniversary of her death, Wolverine inflicts extreme punishment on Matsu'o but never kills him. He feels that would be too easy. Yost can really write dramatic stories with interesting concepts. This was a great story of love and retribution.

The art is by Harvey Tolibao who did an outstanding job. I was completely blown away at how beautiful his work was. It was perfect for this story. He drew an awesome Psylocke. The inkers and colorists deserves a lot of recognition as well for their contributions. David Finch chipped in with some amazing covers as well.

No Psylocke fan will want to miss out on this. Anyone who likes her or X-Men in general should check this out. Chris Yost works magic in only four issues that feel like six. His profound storytelling abilities along with the excellent artwork make this a must read.

Rating: 5/5


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