EldestRisk's X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back #3 - Part 3 review

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    Pxie Dust.

    Before this issue i didn't see the point for this limited. But i have to say i did enjoy this one a lot more than the previous ones.
    For me the idea of focusing on a character like Pixie (having so many others) was a little odd, but this issue made me like her hell of a lot more.
    The Good:
    First i have to say that the art goes very well with the story and the main characters of the book (is a little weird for the x-men though), the interaction of the girls (x-23, Mercury and Armor) was good it reminded me of the new x-men book, them not knowing how to blame what's happening to them to Pixie.
    The Bad:
    The story and the villain is still not convincing for me, they have to work it really well in the next issue. The whole Wyngarde sisters and Pixie's mom was a little cheesy.
    If you are lookin for an entertaining distraction this is the book for you. Actually you don't even need to read the previous issues to understand it and enjoy it.
    So pick it up if you like some light reading.

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