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The illusion of high-school reality comes crashing down on Pixie, X-23 and the other X-Girls and it’s not pretty. They’re being held by a demon king who, shockingly enough, doesn’t have their best interest at heart. The X-Men are coming to save the day, but will it matter? The secret of Pixie’s parentage is out and no one will ever look at her the same way again.

Pixie is back in the contraption set up by Saturnine to suck out her pixie dust from her and create the illusion world. Saturnine wants her awake, but the nurse-demon warns that Pixie will die as she has been so drained of her energies. Saturnine insists that their plan to draw out Mrs Gwynn (Pixie's mother) to them will work, but the nurse worries that others may come with her that will ruin everything. In the mean time, the girls Cessily, X-23 and Hisako are becoming too hard to control with the Pixie dust and are thrown into a basement room.

Meanwhile, Regan Wyngarde and Martinique Jason are trying to confuse Mrs Gwynn with illusions (a desert island with a penguin and outer space) but it fails to work. They don't care to know details of their father Mastermind's life, but Mrs Gwynn tells them of the power they will gain if they join with Pixie, the third child of Mastermind. Especially as Pixie is the child of a mutant (Mastermind) and a faerie (Mrs Gwynn).

In the basement room, X-23 recovers and punches a wall hard enough to break a hole in it, but exposes only cinder-blocks of concrete. Hisako and Cessily wake up and Cessily (Mercury) uses her power to seep herself into cracks in the wall, only to be electrocuted by cables running through. X-23 is angry that they didn't fight the illusion hard enough and angry at Pixie who she thinks doesn't give a damn about them.

The X-Men find the nightclub exterior where the girls went and Rockslide breaks a massive hole in the wall. They enter but find the place deserted.

Meanwhile, the demons use Pixie's own magic on her again and she flashes between visions of herself on her motor scooter, her home life in Wales, the death of her father and the X-Men. This sends a strong enough signal for Emma Frost, as well as Mrs Gwynn and the Mastermind sisters to detect. Saturnine carries a groggy Pixie out of the room, pursued by the demon nurse who is worried that her friends are waking up. As he exits the building he is confronted by the assembled X-Men and the three ladies.

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