X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back #1

    X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back » X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back #1 - Part One released by Marvel on April 2010.

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    Pixie, X-23, Armor, Mercury and Blindfold face a new kind of hell: high school! Things get even worse when Pixie's mother shows up on Utopia demanding to see her daughter. Discover the truth about Pixie, including the answer to something even SHE doesn't know: the identity of her father- one of the most dangerous X-Villains ever!

    The scene opens in a high school where Megan Gwynn, Hisako Ichiki, Laura Kinney, Cessily Kincaid and Ruth Aldine are making plans. Or are they? While idly chatting in the bathroom about lunch plans, when they look in the mirror we see Pixie, Armor, X-23 and Mercury in their X-Men uniforms, but not Blindfold (Ruth). But the girls themselves are unaware of their true nature for some reason. Back on Utopia, Rockslide and Anole are looking for the missing girls and find Blindfold in the women's bathroom. She tells them the girls are gone exploring and are not themselves but they will be back soon.

    In the school the girls sit down to lunch, but when a boy makes trouble with Cessily another school kid fights him and he is momentarily revealed to be a demon. A much larger fight ensues but at that moment the school lunch lady stabs Pixie in the back, breaking her out of the high school illusion and we see she is imprisoned in a strange, darkened room. Still unaware of her situation, Pixie protests to the lady (who now appears demonic as well) that she needs help and wants to call her mom. The lady grouches to herself and feeds Pixie a magical drink that sends her back to the high school world.

    Returning to Utopia, we see Nightcrawler and Psylocke wandering around idly talking about German words when suddenly Pixie's mother Mrs Gwynn magically appears demanding to know where her daughter is. Nightcrawler is suspicious and neither he nor Psylocke believe Pixie is even missing. Mrs Gwynn insists Pixie is lost and that she called to her. She also reveals that Pixie's father was not a coal miner after all before leaving them, exasperated. Back in school, Pixie is distraught to see a strange demon fall to the floor in front of her. Suddenly, Cessily and X-23 rush around the corner, pursued by a horde of yet more demons which completely baffles Pixie, who is knocked to the ground. Her wings appear which distresses her even more. The scene dissolves and Saturnine appears, furious at the disarray that is developing.



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    Megan "Oh my God. Seriously?" Gwynn 0

    "It's not my fault you're in love with a big gay cheerleader who won't return your phone calls." This issue is... random and nonsensical, to say the least. It starts with "Ruth", "Laura", "Megan", "Hisako" and "Cessily" dressed like stereotypical teenagers, each fitting their own stereotype with the character descriptions are beyond silly. They clearly have no idea who they are. – Cut To; Utopia. Four of the five girls are missing, but Ruth is still on the island, even though she's also with the...

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