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    Being a big fan of Nightcrawler, as soon as I saw this OneShot issue I picked it up straight away. 
    Now I've read it and I must say it doesn't disappoint. 
    It shows Nightcrawler being found by a Gypsi family who end up being taken in by a sadistic carnival owner who uses Nightcrawler to make profit. It shows Kurt's relationships with his foster mother and her scrafice to save him from a life in the circus. It also shows him before he discovers his teleportation ability, and when he discovers it. 
    Not only does it tell you the story, but it also includes the first appearance of Kurt in 'Giant Size X-men'. 
    The origin stories differ slightly from each comic. In the new version, he takes his 'Wagner' name from the Priest at the church he hides out at, whereas in the Giant Size X-men comic, his name is already  Kurt Wagner. 
    All in all, I liked this comic, but then again, I'm a big fan of Nightcrawler, so I would. ;) 
    But I would recommend you check it out if you see it.

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