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The X-Men event of the fall begins in this one-shot! For years, Logan has been a man without a past, whose memories existed only as conflicting fragments. And Charles Xavier has been a master of his own mind and others. Now the tables are turned, and as WOLVERINE struggles to rescue his son, DAKEN, from the evil and darkness that have consumed him, PROFESSOR X comes face-to-face with the most terrifying secret of all!

Beginning here and continuing in the pages of X-MEN LEGACY and WOLVERINE: ORIGINS this month and next, ORIGINAL SIN is sure to turn your expectations on their head!

Also featuring a reprint of "First Night" by Chris Claremont and John Bolton, originally published in Classic X-Men #1


Chapter 1

The issue starts with Wolverine remembering back when he was first asked to join the X-men, and that he was the only one of the new group that actually knew why he was there. Back to the present Logan meets up with an old friend who is hiding from the Chinese Government, he asks of the man known as Tso Ren Wu to keep an eye on his son Daken and make sure he stays calm. And that if Logan doesn`t return to take him off the grid.

Soon Wolverine makes his way back to the mansion and finds Emma and Scott, smelling the scent of Charles, Wolverine becomes enraged. He screams at Scott that they, both, should have told Logan that Charles was still around in the land of the living. He attacks Scott and Emma breaks them up, Logan states that Scott is still letting his women fight for him. A statement that causes another short argument, before Emma breaks it up again, she puts her hands on Logan, only for him, to swat her away like a fly calling her by White Queen. She asks "This is how its going to be?" And Logan continues to walk saying "No...its just the way it is." Walking out of the hanger bay.

Back in Tokyo Wolverine makes his way through the city, while Tso and Daken are kept in the dark from other eyes from a distraction by Tso's men.

Miss Sinister sits in a diner/bar watching Wolverine.

Chapter 2

As he walks the streets he can smell Charles and soon runs into him. Charles was waiting for Logan an sipping on a glass of coffee, Logan sits down an stares at Charles.

In another part of Tokyo, Daken is with Tso and a woman, he attempts to leave, but the woman stops him from doing so. But, soon apologies for her brash behavior, as he looks out the window he gets a pounding headache as someone speaks to him within his mind its Miss Sinister. She calls him to the roof, he asks her what she is doing and she tells him "Looking for you." that he is a hard man to find. Not believing her nor knowing who she is he tries to dismiss her telling her he is waiting for a friend to which she responds "Logan is no friend of yours." that he was the one who did this to him. He doesn't believe her and that Logan was the man to help him out of the "cave" he was in. Leaving Miss sinister on the roof she says that he will burn.

Back with Logan an Charles, Logan begins to tell more about Daken and that he is his son. Charles is amazed that Logan has a son. Then as the discussion continues Logan asks for Charles to wipe Dakens mind of all the brainwashing and all the mess in his mind. Charles barks back that he cant do that, that he has done it too often and its destroyed people. Logan wants Daken's mind wiped so that afterward he can choose to either be a killer or something better.

Charles still not wanting to do it says no that he WILL NOT do what Logan asks. Logan pops out his claws and "I wasn't asking."

Above where Daken is staying two choppers sound off above it, and with a grin a pilot talking with Miss Sinister drops two napalms onto the home. The woman with Daken tries to warn him before the blast but is too late, and as the explosion erupts she is devoured in the flames. The choppers land and the men walk into the inferno looking for the remains of Daken only to fined a infuriated Daken and he ends both their lives at the ends of his claws. Miss Sinister walks in, Daken screams at her if she was the one to do it. She nods telling him yes that it was to show him what he truly is and if it makes him sad that he should stay an cry about it , but if it reminds him of old times that he should come an play with her.

Logan asks Charles what he sees? Referring to the reflection in his claws. Charles says his claws in a sarcastic remark, and Logan asks again. Charles finally replies "I see me" he asks Logan if hes trying to show him something about himself. Logan says no that hes showing him the truth, that the professor made him. Broke him into little pieces and put him back together from those pieces. Charles doesn't understand stating that the memories were always there that they were there the first time they met. Logan tells him to read his mind, and Charles says no. Logan chuckles saying "You afraid to find out the truth the whole story that. That that day they first met he let him in the door, knowing full well I was sent to kill you."

Too be Continued.


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