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Xavier welcomes Moira MacTaggert to the mansion and introduces her as the new housekeeper for he is planning to go on a vacation. Cyclops accidentally damages a N’Garai cairn and releases a giant beast named Kierrok that attacks the X-Men. Every time they deal a blow to Kierrok, he gets stronger and they get weaker. Xavier goes inside it’s mind and discovers that the cairn must be sealed to defeat Kierrok. Storm manages to do so with a bolt of lighting, right before she is pulled inside by the demons. In an underground installation, Dr. Lang is working on Project Armageddon, which will capture all mutants. Colonel Rossi intends to shut down the project, but Dr. Lang arranges for Colonel Rossi’s plane to crash.

Introduction of Moira, Steven Lang and Michael Rossi, and also first time of the N'Garai and Kierrok.

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