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Yay X-Men Shojo !!!

When I first heard that a manga reimagining of the X-Men and Wolverine were coming out I was very excited and so far I am very happy with the final product. X-Men: Misfits was a great take on the classic X-Men concept and characters. I enjoyed the writing and art a great deal but I wasn't a fan of the new version of Colossus or Beast. Colossus looked more like a fat old fashioned tin man with a bad mustache and Beast looked like a big fat bear/badger :( The focus on Kitty Pryde was interesting and made for a great story as she joins the Xavier Institute and then the Hellfire Club with all of its shojo goodness.

I was disappointed reaching the end of the manga to find out that it wasn't a stand alone volume and that a second was planned but it is nowhere to be seen after a year and a half !!!! Not knowing what happens next is very disappointing and takes away from how great it was to begin with but it really was worth the time it took to read it. 
p.s. yay chibi's !!!!!

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