X-Men: Misfits #1

    X-Men: Misfits » X-Men: Misfits #1 - Vol. 1 released by Random House on August 1, 2009.

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    Kitty Pryde was an average school girl with a secret.  Her parents weren't sure how to handle her 'quirks', and the other girls at school called her a mutie freak.  However, when Mr Lehnsherr arrived offering Kitty a scholarship to Xavier's Acdemy for the Gifted, Kitty's life soon changed.
    If life in an exclusive school in New York wasn't scary enough; she soon discovered that all the pupils there were mutants, and that she was the only girl!  The only other women were the teachers; Storm who was an outrageous punk, and Ms Grey had been away all semester recruiting other new students.
    Almost as soon as she arrived she received an icey reception from Iceman, and a warm welcome from Pyro, Angel & the other members of the Hellfire Club.  The exclusive group of high-achieving young mutants took Kitty into their club and she quickly started dating Pyro.  Although scared of Physical Education, she was buddied up with Nightcrawler who was impressed with her phasing powers.  Iceman remained frosty with her, but appeared shocked when Kitty remained inside an iceblock for over 5-minutes during Phys-Ed.  In the middle of the night she found Gambit cooking delicious snacks, and as a 'thank you' he stole a kiss on the hand.  She also formed a sibling-like friendship with Forge, which Pyro was jealous of.  The Hellfire Club spent many hours hanging out in the Danger Room, and would turn it into their private beach, park, or night club.  They preferred to party and would chase Kitty around the Academy instead of letting her study.
    However, Pyro became possive of Kitty.  Any of her non-Hellfire Club friends like Cyclops or Blob were quickly be chased away.  On a school outing to New York City, Kitty wanted time alone with Pyro, but instead they were trailed around by Longshot & Havok.  Trouble stirred up when they came across a small anti-mutant protest in the park.  Kitty wanted to leave, but the Hellfire Club boys aggrevated the situation with their powers.  Cyclops fought with his own brother, but Havok appeared to become possessed.  His powers raged out of control and destroyed a bandstand.  Although Kitty's powers helped to save Iceman, Professor Xavier was caught underneath the bandstand.  Storm & Colossus rescued him from the wreckage, but Professor Xaver was severly injured and remained hospitalised for the rest of the semester.
    Kitty & Pyro's relationship ended, but as she was leaving for the holidays Kitty found a present; a crystal-like ice sculpture of a heart. 
    What will the next semester bring when Kitty meets more new students?  How will she cope when she's no longer the only girl in school? 



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    Yay X-Men Shojo !!! 0

    When I first heard that a manga reimagining of the X-Men and Wolverine were coming out I was very excited and so far I am very happy with the final product. X-Men: Misfits was a great take on the classic X-Men concept and characters. I enjoyed the writing and art a great deal but I wasn't a fan of the new version of Colossus or Beast. Colossus looked more like a fat old fashioned tin man with a bad mustache and Beast looked like a big fat bear/badger :( The focus on Kitty Pryde was interesting a...

    5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

    Manga X-men stands up without being too gimmicky 0

    Vital Stats Title: X-Men: Misfits Volume #1 Created by: Raina Telgemeier, David Roman, Anzu Published by: Del Rey Manga Release Date: August 11, 2009    The Review (video)       The Plot:   Kitty Pryde is a girl who has a problem fitting in. One could even say she's out of touch with those around her. This is one part because of her tender age, and another because her mutant power makes her intangible. She excitedly transfers from her lo...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.
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