"X-Men" Messiah Complex

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    Major event taking place in the X-Men universe starting late 2007 and ending early 2008. The X-Men discover what may be the last hope for their race--the birth of the first new mutant since M-Day.

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    After suffering a psychotic break and destroying the Avengers, the Scarlet Witch created a new reality (referred to as the House of M) where Mutant ruled and humans were the downtrodden minority. When this did not work, she reverted reality back, this time eliminating over 90% of the mutant population, turning them into humans.

    Trying to find a way to undo what the Scarlet Witch had done to the mutant population, Beast embarked on a quest to discover how to restore the mutant X-Gene to those who lost their powers on M-Day. He discovered that all traces of the X-Gene were eliminated from those individuals that lost their powers, including any samples of genetic material of de-powered. Adding to this failure, no mutants have been born since M-Day, making mutant kind an endangered species.

    Chapter 1

    Professor X locates the birth of a new Mutant in the small town of Cooperstown, Alaska. This birth marks a milestone because it is the first mutant child born since the Scarlet Witch de-powered over 90% of the worlds mutant population on M-Day. The instant loss of millions of mutants made mutant kind an endangered species, the mutant X-Gene being "erased" from those who were de-powered (including all stored samples of mutant DNA), as well as no other mutant children having been born since.

    The birth of the mutant occured while Professor X was discussing the mutant crisis with Beast and searching out all current mutants with Cerebro. The psychic feedback resulting from the mutants birth overloaded both Professor X's brain as well as Cerebro, frying the powerful computer. It also caused a power surge within the mansion which caused all lights within the mansion to explode and power to be lost. An event of such importance would surely get the attention of others, and Xavier quickly gathered a small group of experienced X-Men to travel to Alaska in the Blackbird. The team consisted of Angel, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Emma Frost, and Cyclops. When they arrived in Cooperstown they found the town burning and virtually all of its inhabitants either dead or wounded.

    While trying to rescue the remaining inhabitants and piece together exactly what had transpired the X-Men found the dead bodies of several Purifiers as well as the shattered body of the Marauder Prism. Emma Frost scanned the mind of one of the survivors to discover that the Purafiers had been dispatched to kill all children of the town in order to make sure that they had killed the new mutant. Sinister's Marauders, including former X-Men Gambit and Sunfire stopped the Purafiers and left to locate the new mutant. It was then that the X-Men learned that the new mutant was just born rather than a teenager. This confusion is expected as mutant powers typically manifest around puberty, not from birth. The X-Men departed Alaska to plan their next move, not knowing that the geneticaly-engineered mutant hunting monster Predator X just arrived in Cooperstown. Predator X was created to hunt and feed upon powerful mutants, and it is hungy for the new child.

    Chapter 2

    Back at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning Cyclops reminds Professor X who is now leading the X-Men, and puts Xavier to work with Beast to try to discover why the mutant's powers manifested at birth rather than as a teenager. Cyclops has already dispatched a small group of X-Men to locate a group of former Acolytes to try to discover the location of the Marauders and retrieve the mutant baby from them, and sent Emma Frost to retrieve Madrox, Layla Miller, and Rictor for their own missions. Having temporary erased Madrox's resentment towards the X-Men and desire not to work with them, Madrox and the others agreed to come along. Since losing his powers on M-Day, Rictor would scan as a normal human. For this reason Cyclops wants Rictor to infiltrate the Purifiers to determine their motivation. Madrox and Layla Miller are to locate Forge for details on their own mission.

    Chapter 3

    Rictor employs the assistance of his team X-Factor in order to make his way among the Purifier ranks. Wolfsbane attacks some members outside of one of their New York hideouts. The innocent human passerby Joaquin Murrieta (Rictor) happens upon the scene as Rahne is escaping, and fires several fake shots into her chest. Rahne escapes in the bed of Siryn's truck. Expressing a dislike of mutants, Rictor is invited in by one of the Purifiers who is impressed with how he handled himself. Inside Rictor is told to remain still at gunpoint while the guards scan him for mutant signatures. When he shows no signs of mutancy, the Purifiers invite him through a secret door, surprising Rictor with the size of one of their "smaller" weapons caches.

    Meanwhile, Madrox and Layla Miller arrive at Forge's home to prepare for their mission. Forge had discovered that the problem mutants were experiencing was not limited to their own timeline, all other divergent timestreams and alternate futures that his machinery could access had shown that mutants have ceased to be. Since the birth of the new mutant two new timelines have emerged, and it was Madrox's job to create dupes to send to those futures for investigation. While Forge is sending the second dupe into the future, Layla rushes into the transport beam, sending both on a one-way trip. The original Madrox tries to fight Forge over what happened, but quickly falls unconscious.

    Finally, having extracted information as to the location of Amelia Voght, the X-Men that were sent after the Acolytes traveled to the hospital that she worked at in Santa Cruz. In order to catch her by surprise, Wolverine stepped in front of a moving ambulance. With his healing factor having fixed most of his injuries by the time he got to the hospital, he catches Voght off guard and she turned into a living mist and tried to escape through a hospital vent. Storm caught her in a breeze, and prevented her from running away. The Acolytes had kept close ties with the Marauders, and of the remaining Acolytes she would know where to find them. Unhappily, Amelia provides them information on where they can find the Marauders.

    Chapter 4

    After sending two dupes to the future Jamie Madrox is still unconscious with brain functions working overtime. Forge explains what is happening to Cyclops, and becomes angry that Scott seems fine with sacraficing Madrox to discover what is going on. Cyclops contends that they are all dying out as mutant kind is becoming extinct.

    The X-Men have traveled to Antarctica to locate the Marauders and the mutant baby. Knowing that the X-Men would soon figure out where they are, Mr. Sinister decided to step up their plans and vacate their Antarctic base. They are preparing to leave when the X-Men break into their base.

    Surge discovers that the Purifiers were part of the attacks. She is angry that they have been left out of the loop and that the young team has been left out of the action. She decides that she is going to lead her team to attack the Purifiers and takes the information to them. Despite Cyclops desire to protect the team, the Purifiers have already killed many students of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, and they want to take out the Purifiers permanently. Hellion, Mercury, Rockslide, Anole, Pixie, Prodigy, X-23, and Armor agree to go along, but most decide to go primarily to help the mutant baby and not for Revenge. Dust does not wish to go because she had seen too much bloodshed lately, and Elixir says that if he goes he would kill all of them, and so he also stays behind.

    In the Washington Purafier base, Rictor is let in on their operations. He discovers that there are hundreds off churches and members located all over the globe. He discovers that the purifiers don't have the mutant baby and believes his mission to be over until he learns who the Purifiers have teamed up with: Lady Deathstrike. After the New X-Men arrive Rictor runs into Anole. They both explain what is going on. The New X-Men do battle with the Purifiers before anyone knows what has happened Deathstrike stabs Hellion through the back and chest.

    Chapter 5

    In the future, Layla Miller and Madrox are scoping out a mutant internment camp. There are no mutants in public view, and they are trying to figure out what happened to all of them. Meanwhile in the present, the X-Men have ambushed Sinister and the marauders. Emma Frost is located at the mansion, but is with them telepathically, coordinating their actions and keeping Sinister out of their minds. As battle insues the X-Men ask sinister and Gambit where they have the baby. Sinister contends that they are trying to mislead him and Gambit is confused that they don't know where the child is.

    In Washington the New X-Men continue to fight the Reavers and Lady Deathstrike. It is unknown whether Hellion is still alive. As the fight continues to get worse for the young mutants, Pixie utters a spell which teleports all of them away, scattering them between Washington and the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. The telepathic noise generated by Pixie causes Emma Frost to break her focus from the battle. Seizing this opportunity, sinister locks her out of the battle, eliminating any edge that the few X-Men had against the Marauders. The battle becomes more intense, and both Wolverine and Nightcrawler are severely injured. Nightcrawler is barely able to teleport them away from the battle, and only manages to isolate them in the vast ice.

    Back at the mansion the Sentinels of Sentinel Squad ONE begin to attack the X-Men who remained behind. Their human operators have been taken over by some unknown force, causing them to lose control over the giant robots.

    Lastly, Cable makes his way on foot through the icy wilderness. Until now he was presumed dead, and he now carried with him what could be the last hope of mutantkind--the only mutant born since M-Day.

    Chapter 6

    Storm, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, and Colossus make their way over Antarctica, rushing back to the Mansion. Wolverine's healing factor has kicked in, slowly and painfully healing his wounds. Although Storm managed to make it out relatively unscathed, both Nightcrawler and Colossus are severely injured, with Nightcrawler unconscious and bleeding out. They realize now that Cable has the mutant child, and were able to inform the others of the development before losing radio contact with the others.

    Back at the mansion the remaining X-Men and New X-Men are currently battling the out of control sentinels. All of the telepaths in the mansion have been rendered unconscious. All who are capable including Cyclops, Bishop, Gentle, Warpath, Dust, and Hepzibah continue to fight the sentinels. Iceman arrives back at the mansion in one of the X-Men's jets with the wounded New X-Men, allowing X-23 to join the fight. Dust breaks into one of the sentinels, discovering that what is inside is no longer human. The Sentinel robots as well as their human drivers have been co-opted by some of Cassandra Nova's remaining nano-sentinel bots, which have been re-programmed to exterminate all mutants. X-23 manages to take out one of the robots, and both of the sentinels are decommissioned, however one of the former pilots manages to escape.

    In the wake of the attack many are injured, and the mansion's lead healer Elixir was taken out by falling debris during the battle. All signs point to Cable causing the destruction of the mansion, and no-one can even guess what his motivation for kidnapping the child is. Cyclops realizes that at this point drastic measures must be taken in order to prevent their destruction. He confides in Wolverine that they need a team that will be able to get things done in ways that the X-Men do not operate. He instructs Wolverine to assemble a team which he is to lead consisting of

    Hepzibah, Warpath, Caliban, X-23, and Wolfsbane. Not only are all of them willing to do what needs to be done to locate and bring in Cable, but all are expert trackers (particularly Caliban whose mutant power allows him to locate other mutants). They will become the newest generation of X-Force

    Chapter 7

    Cyclops and Professor Xavier talk as they walk through the rubble of the Institute, the Professor trying to make sense of why Cyclops would send killers after his own son. Cyclops replies by telling him that he taught him how to lead now let him do his job.

    Cable is on the run in Canada, from Lady Deathstrike and the Purifiers, who want to kill the baby. They catch up with Cable, and she tells them that they are both going to die today.

    Siryn receives a call from Peepers, who believes he’s being followed. Siryn says that she’ll be with him really quickly, but all of a sudden, a deer is thrown onto the front screen of Peepers’s car. As the car crashes, Predator X emerges, and all we see is Peepers screaming.

    In the future, Jamie and Layla manage to lure guards out of the Mutant Camp, by making Layla lie on the floor. When they first get a reading from her, it says she isn’t a mutant, but suddenly it flashes, saying she is one. She opens her eyes, telling them it flickers on and off like that, and multiple Jamie’s appear and beat the guards up. Jamie tries to get information from the guards, but they refuse to talk.

    Back in Alaska, X-Force sneak into the hospital where the baby was, but unlike the rest, Warpath just knocks the guard out and walks in. He and Wolverine have a little fight about how he should do what he’s told. They’re put into pairs, and after Wolverine asks Wolfsbane to keep an eye on Warpath, the two have a heart-to-heart.

    Cable and Lady Deathstrike continue to battle.

    The guards begin to tell Jamie and Layla what they want to know about the future, including that a mutant caused all this.

    Siryn discovers Peepers corpse, wondering what could have done this.

    Caliban manages to sense Cable, but blows their cover while at it, so X-Force leave Alaska, while another scene shows the Professor looking over a picture of the old X-Force.

    Cable and Lady Deathstrike continue to fight.

    Multiple guards discover and arrest Layla, but when they suspect Layla of being human, she tells them that she’s a mutant too, and she is arrested also.

    Chapter 8

    As Deathstrike is about to kill Cable and the baby, X-Force arrives to battle her and the Purifiers.

    In the future, Jamie and Layla are taken into the Mutant Camp.

    X-Force kill several Reavers, and Wolverine tracks Cable. Deathstrike attempts to fight Wolverine, but he makes X-23 battle her instead, and he continues to track Cable.

    As Predator X continues to hunt, Surge and Emma watch over the Med Lab, as Beast and Prodigy rest after operating on Hellion. Emma explains to Surge that she chose her to lead the New X-Men because she knew she’d protect them from anything, even her. She leaves Surge, and the X-Men and X-Factor prepare to leave.

    Back in Canda, X-23 and Deathstrike continue to fight. X-23 waits, and stabs Deathstrike in the shoulder, damaging her cybernetics, rendering her unable to use her arm. Wolfsbane kills a Purifier, after he says that Reverend Craig told the Purifiers about her. As the other members of X-Force continue to follow Cable, a Purifier goes to shoot Warpath, but Caliban jumps in the way, getting killed in the process. Warpath throws one of his knives at the gunman, piercing him through the head. As Warpath grieves over Caliban, Wolverine shouts at him to stay on target, but he doesn’t listen. X-23 takes down Deathstrike, and leaves her, possibly for dead. As Wolverine catches up with Cable, he jumps out of the way, realizing he was heading for the Blackbird, which he flies out over Wolverine.

    Chapter 9

    Jamie and Layla, are shaved and cleaned as they’re taken into the Camp.

    As the X-Men approach X-Force’s location, Emma tells the X-Men and X-Factor that Cable’s gone, asking do they want the bad news now. Warpath continues to grieve over Caliban, while Wolverine briefs Cyclops in on the situation. Strong Guy and Warpath load Caliban’s body onto the Blackbird, Cyclops declaring that he died an X-Man.

    Back at the Institute, several students are in Cerebra, as Prodigy fixes her.

    In Texas, Cable hijacks a lorry.

    Back in the future, Jamie is branded with the “M” that Bishop was branded with. He asks where Layla is and the marker tells him that she’s being processed in the female section.

    Back on the Blackbird, the X-Men try to figure out where Cable’s heading. As they talk telepathically, Prodigy finishes fixing Cerebra, and the Stepford Cuckoos tell Cyclops that Cable’s in Texas, and they figure he’s heading for Forge in Eagle Plaza.

    Cable drives the lorry through a wall of Eagle Plaza. As he looks around for Forge, he finds him, unconscious on the floor, and he is then shot in the back.

    Back in the future, Jamie wakes up surrounded by mutants, who tell him he’ll be okay.

    Back in Eagle Plaza, Bishop is revealed to be the traitor.

    Chapter 10

    As Cable and Forge lie unconscious on the floor of Eagle Plaza, Bishop holds the baby at gunpoint. Just before he can shoot, Gambit and the Marauders attack. Malice goes to retrieve the baby, while Vertigo, Gambit and Sunfire take on Bishop, who the manage to defeat. As Malice cradles the baby, Gambit wonders what would have made Bishop turn.

    In the future, Jamie gets beaten up by guards while he’s looking for Layla. When he finds her, she takes him to meet Bishop, as a child, because he grew up in the Mutant Camp.

    The X-Men arrive at Eagle Plaza, and Bishop tells them that he received the call from the Cuckoos and rushed over. Emma scans Prime Jamie for any messages from the future, but admits that he’s basically brain dead. Cyclops tells Bishop to take X-Force onto his ship, he needs them in the air if they get Cable’s location. Warpath and Hepzibah quickly squabble about her not coming, but Wolverine tells him that they need everyone they can get. The Stepford Cuckoos are unable to find the baby, but Emma guides them through what to do, and Cyclops tells them to find Cable to, saying that they need to shut him down for good.

    On the outskirts of Dallas, Cable returns to the Blackbird he stole. Still injured, he manages to contact Xavier, to which Cable tells him “…and right now, you’re the only one left who can help me save the future.”

    Chapter 11

    In the future, Layla and Jamie find young Bishop, but he runs away, and Layla is hit in the head by a guard. They continue to follow young Bishop, and ask him what happens. He tells them about the mutant messiah, and how there were no problems with mutants, until the messiah killed one million. He then admits that he wished the messiah had never been born. After young Bishop walks off, the guard who hit Layla earlier comes running up to her asking her where it is. She turns to Jamie, and throws a grenade at him, while saying “I’m sorry Jamie… But this is the only way. Trust me. I’m Layla…Madrox. I know st—”, and Jamie explodes

    Back in the present, Cyclops thinks about the situation, and how something doesn’t quite add up. Emma tells him that the girls have found the Marauders through Gambit, and their heading to Muir Island. Cyclops tells Bishop (who’s in the air with X-Force) to head there. Siryn prays over Jamie’s comatosed body, and suddenly he wakes up, with the “M” on his face. He screams , and when they finally manage to calm him, he states “Where’s Bishop?”.

    Professor Xavier fixes Cable’s mechanical arm in the Blackbird Cable stole.

    As the X-Men and X-Factor try to contact Bishop, they all begin putting the pieces of the jigsaw together. Jamie, supported by Siryn, comes in and shouts at Cyclops saying they need to get Layla back, but Emma simply puts him to sleep. Cyclops announces to everyone to saddle up, because their going after the baby too.

    Back in the stolen Blackbird, Xavier tells Cable no more secrets, and Xavier shows Cable a telepathic illusion of the Sentinels attacking the mansion. Cable admits that he didn’t do that, and tells Xavier that the only thing that matters is saving the baby, and that they need to find her. Xavier drops the illusion, showing that he has already done that, and that they’re en route to Muir Island.

    As the Marauders return to Muir Island, and Mr. Sinister himself, telling the Marauders to go about they’re business, except Gambit who has the baby. Gambit hands the baby to Sinister, who drops the charade and is revealed to be Mystique, with Mr. Sinister lying dead on the floor.

    Back at the Institute, Dust, Rockslide and Mercury go to visit the graves of their dead friends. But there, they find Predator X feasting on their corpses.

    On Muir Island, X-Force and Bishop are unable to find anything. Wolverine makes this quick speech about how the Marauders have people who can get inside your head like Lady Mastermind, and he stabs into thin air. The illusion drops, showing Wolverine to have stabbed Lady Mastermind right through the stomach. This also shows the other Marauders, ready to attack.

    Chapter 12

    Sinister comes to tell Mystique that Rogue is going to die, but she grabs him and makes his face come into contact with hers, killing him, revealing she knew, she always did.

    Back in the present, Gambit is in shock about the dead Sinister, and how he’s free from him.

    As the battle begins, Wolverine shouts to Warpath and Wolfsbane that if they hold back, they’ll die. Wolverine is then shot in the eye by Scalphunter. As Bishop takes out Sunfire, and just after Wolfsbane bites Arclight neck, she’s attacked and taken out of the battlefield by Riptide. Back to Wolverine, Scrambler touches Wolverine’s face, leaving him unable to heal. As he torments Wolverine, X-23 cuts both his hands off and basically guts him, then telling Wolverine that he heals to slow. Just as Scalphunter is about to shoot Hepzibah, Warpath throws one of his knives at him, hitting him in the ahoulder and pinning him to the wall. As Mystique comes to pull it out, telling Scalphunter to hold the X-Men off, the other X-Men arrive to join the fight. Cyclops shouts that he wants to see Bishop.

    Gambit asks Mystique how this works, asking if she hooks the baby up to a machine or something. She replies “Not exactly” and pushes the baby’s forehead against Rogue’s lips.

    Back at the Institute, Predator X bites through Rockslide and head for the Institute. The animal smashes through the window where Trance, Wolf Cub and Indra are watching. Just before Predator X can eat Indra, Surge appears and zaps it in the face.

    Just as Riptide is going to kill Wolfsbane, Xavier knocks him out mentally, and he checks on Wolfsbane. He and Cable continue onwards.

    As light explodes from the baby, Gambit snatches the baby from Mystique, telling her how Rogue never would have wanted a baby to die for her. Gambit turns to the baby, seeing that it’s completely fine. Rogue doesn’t wake up, and Mystique breaks down. As Gambit continues to lecture to Mystique, Xavier appears behind him.

    As the battle rages on, Cable knocks Tempo out, and Xavier tells him that he has the baby, and to clear a path.

    The other New X-Men, including a reformed Rockslide, to take on Predator X. Predator X heads for the Med Lab, where several injured mutants are recovering. Gentle and Armor, attacking Predator X, smash through a wall of the Med Lab, where Pixie, Loa and Beast are trying to help the injured escape. Luckily, Nightcrawler is awake, and he teleports the injured out. As the New X-Men arrive, Surge shouts that X-23’s claws can hurt Predator X. Hearing this, Pixie says that she can take them to X-23, and she teleports them all to Muir Island. Predator X devours Vertigo, and the New X-Men join the battle. Xavier gives Cable the baby, and as they go to leave, Bishop and Predator X arrive, both ready to kill.

    Chapter 13

    Bishop shoots at Cable, and Predator X lunges for him. Cable gets out of the way, and Predator X eats Bishop’s arm.

    The New X-Men join the battle, Emma battles Exodus telepathically, X-Force take on Predator X. Cyclops asks Cable to give him the baby, and Cable pulls a gun on him. Xavier appears, and tells Cable to give Cyclops the baby.

    Back to Mystique, as she cries over Rogue, Rogue wakes up. Gambit and Mystique are ecstatic, but after Mystique tells Rogue about the baby, and even though it survived, Rogue is furious. Rogue slaps Mystique, and tells her that this has to be the last time.

    Back to the battle, Hepzibah throws several explosives at Predator X, and it spits some sort of acid at her in return, wounding her. Malice continuously punches Pixie, and as she taunts her, Pixie turns around and stabs her with her Soul Dagger. While Emma and Exodus continue to battle mentally, it’s revealed to be a distraction, and Dust was able to take him down by entering his body through his mouth and nose. In another part of the battle, Xavier manages to convince Cable to give Cyclops the baby.

    Back underneath the battle, Rogue grabs Mystique’s face.

    Heqzibah is hurt even more when she is hit by Predator X’s tail. Suddenly, Wolverine gets an idea, and jumps into Predator X’s mouth. X-23 goes crazy, and as the other X-Men come to battle Predator X too, it’s dissected from the inside-out, by Wolverine.

    Emma asks Cyclops to report, and he reports that he has the baby. At that instant the baby picks up the locket from around Cyclops’s neck, opening it to reveal a picture of him and Jean. After a few flashbacks, Cyclops tells Xavier that there are two possible futures, and this child is the key to them both.

    As Rogue and Gambit overlook Mystique’s body, Gambit believing her to be dead, Rogue tells him that the baby cured her of Strain-88 and every other mind she’d ever adsorbed, but now, it’s only her and Mystique. Rogue walks off, telling Gambit not to follow her.

    Back above, Cyclops gives the baby back to Cable. As he does, Bishop stands up and shoots at Cable, only to hit Xavier in the head. Cyclops blasts him, and as Beast gets to Xavier, he’s dead. All the X-Men and X-Factor gather round Xavier’s corpse and Cyclops declares that there are no more X-Men.

    In the future, Cable tells the baby “Now comes the hard part.”

    Aftermath and Consequences

    The following are characters that are apparently killed during the event: Mister Sinister, Scrambler, Vertigo, Lady Mastermind, Peepers, Caliban, Predator X, and Lady Deathstrike.

    Professor Xavier is believed to have been killed by Bishop. However, the very last panel shows all the X-Men looking down where Xavier’s body had been, but his body has disappeared while no one seems to notice. In X-men Legacy it is revealed that his body was taken and revived by the Acolytes.

    Cyclops takes command as the leader of the X-Men. The Xavier Institute was destroyed during the events of Messiah Complex. He says the X-Men are no more, but it is most likely he meant this as some kind of symbolism due to the fact that they will no longer be lead by Xavier. Cyclops continues to run operations for all teams.

    Cyclops reforms the X-Force black-ops team to deal with the largest threats to mutantkind by any means necessary. The team is lead by Wolverine and consists of him, Warpath, X-23, and Wolfsbane. Their first post-messiah mission is to take out the Purifiers.

    Rogue is cured of the effects of Strain 88 and freed of the eight million psyches she had absorbed from the Hecatomb. Her mind is completely to herself for the first time since her powers manifested. Not knowing the extent of what had happened, Rogue attempts to kill her mother Mystique by absorbing her, but Mystique’s mind become trapped in Rogue’s.

    Cable escapes into the future with the mutant baby to protect her. Bishops follows him into the future, intent on killing the baby to prevent a future where the baby grows up and kills over a million humans.

    The aftermath of Messiah Complex is covered under the Divided We Stand title. The titles involved are The Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force, Young X-Men, X-Men: Legacy, Wolverine, and Cable.


    "Why did you taunt him Miss Frost? I took no pleasure n his pain." - Dust

    "Didn't you Sooraya? Well don't fret. I took enough for us both." - Emma Frost

    "--Soul-Dagger? Yeah, I brought that." - Pixie

    "You dare? None may touch Exodus!" - Exodus

    "Hey, did you guys see a big-- Never mind." - Rockslide


    "Now comes the hard part." - Cable

    "I'm sorry, Jamie... But this is the only way. Trust me. I'm Layla... Madrox. I know st--" - Layla

    "Where's Bishop?" - Madrox Prime

    "You know what to do, X-Force." - Wolverine

    Suggested Reading

    The crossover event appears in the following issues:

    October 2007

    November 2007

    December 2007

    January 2008


    This ongoing crossover had the following results:

    Major Parties Involved

    Many share a large stake in what happens to the new mutant child, as its future may hold the key to the survival of the mutant race.

    The X-Men, New X-Men and X-Factor fight Mr. Sinister and the Marauders who are allied with Exodus and the Acolytes. The third party is the Purifiers and Predator X, who are allied with Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers.

    Collected Editions

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