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Since the move to San Francisco and after the events of X-Infernus, Nightcrawler realizes a hard truth-he has to quit the X-Men. Kurt has realized that the X-Men just don't need him anymore. He hasn't been operating at his highest levels and even the biggest strength he has - teleportation - has been made redundant by Pixie who can do it better and more efficiently. Don't miss the departure of one of the most important characters in X-Men history.

Nightcrawler tells Cyclops he's quitting the X-Men.  He's not teaching, they have Pixie as a teleporter, he just needs time to himself.  He also received an invitation to the opening of the "Nightcrawler Museum in Winzeldorf, Germany, his hometown.  Scott immediately thinks it's a trap.  Kurt says he needs to go and says goodbye to everyone.

He is surprised to find signs and statues in his honor where he was almost killed by the townsfolk.  Entering the museum, he is shocked at all the memorabilia inside.  The woman that opened the museum is also shocked to see him there.  She didn't think he'd come.  Soon some men from the town come in calling him a 'beast.'  Because he is supposed to be a hero, they assume he's there to kill the monster in town that has apparently taken a child.

Before he can agree to go after anyone, a big, horned, red furred creature busts in and attacks.  The monster escapes and Kurt feels he needs to go after it.  He finds it eating the remains of something in the woods.  He finds out it's just a deer.  It turns out the monster is just a sixteen year old boy.  He was dating a gypsy.  When he wanted "more" and turned to another girl, the gypsy's grandmother put a curse on him.  When he transformed into a monster, the town people quickly chased him out.

Kurt almost convinces him that they need to talk to the people when the town's men have arrived to kill either of them.  Trying to defend the boy, Kurt is shot.  This causes the monster to attack the others.  Before killing an old man, Kurt stops him as the missing child appears.  Kurt teleports the old man and girl away.  Returning, he finds everyone dead, including the boy.  He shot himself.  Mephisto then arrives to gloat.  He tells Kurt that this could've been him.  He's a demon and needs to accept his place.  Kurt tells Mephisto he is wrong.  He now knows who he is and is proud of it.   Kurt then returns back to the X-Men.

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