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A one-shot best left forgotten

A dreadful one-shot that could have easily been replaced with a few lines of dialogue in one of the main X-books. The entire point of the issue is that Cortez and the less useful half of the Acolytes are seeking Magneto, while Magneto carries out his plans without them.

The hamfisted dream sequences just rehash things we already knew about Xavier and Rogue without adding much insight. Davis and Nicieza resort to making up two entirely new Acolytes rather than developing any of the existing ones, and don't especially nail the tone of anyone in the story.

Lee Weeks' art is Romita-esque but uneven. Wolverine and Nightcrawler are both great in limited use, but Joseph looks haggard despite being supposedly younger than Quicksilver.

Bottom Line

This is not an issue that is worth tracking down – it adds very little to the Magneto War story arc, aside from non-required background. However, at the time Magneto had been out of circulation for so long that newer readers probably needed a primer on his relationships to the X-Men.


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