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X-Men: Legacy #6 Review

X-Men: Legacy #6 Review


Legion tries to stop Blindfold’s brother.

The Good:

The story is very good. It is well paced well balanced with action and explanation. While this concludes the first arc, there is a bigger meta-arc going that really raises some questions. The last few pages of the issue raise some questions about what is in Legions mind and what is real. Seeing Legion take absolute control of his powers and kick some ass against all of the personas in his head is great and reveal on the last page of the rogue monster is really great. Seeing him decide to do something with his powers also is really nice to see.

Simon Spurrier delivers great writing that ties together the other issues and culminates in some serious ramifications for Legion and how he views himself and Professor X. He also does a great job at fusing humor into the issue that really makes it good by adding another layer but not relying on it and overusing it.

The art by Jorge Molina continues to deliver art that is absolutely perfect for the series.

The Bad:

Listening to Legion go on about how he hates costumed superheroics is annoying. It serves a larger purpose in the end but it is annoying none the less.


This issue really delivers. For the sake of spoilers, I won’t get into detail, but if you are a fan of Legion, this issue is for you. He has several personal revelations that are game changers and really make the issue that much better. Spurrier and Molina continue to be a creative team to be reckoned with as they deliver an emotional and action filled issue.

4.5 out of 5

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