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Not of the Swarm

Recommendation: "Yes!"

Great story, nicely written, great art. LOVE the cover.

It is nice to see some fallout of AVX, especially since each of the Phoenix Five is bound to crack up and do something they shouldn't...

Enter Rogue - Magik sends her to another world/dimension, all to keep her occupied and away from the Limbo prison. Rogue, not going down without a fight, now has to fight her way BACK to her real fight.

This illustrated an interesting usage of her powers (I am just getting into reading Rogue stories, so I am not sure if Rosetta Stone skills are in her normal repertoire). I am interested in seeing how she will get back to Earth/616 and if it will be before or after AVX has concluded. This story ends with a cliffhanger - which was what I wanted, because I would have been disappointed if it was wrapped in just one issue.

If it wasn't for AVX, I would have completely missed these great Rogue stories!


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