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Man the X-men are mean.


I've been enjoying X-men Legacy for a while now and I'm sorry to see it go. This Story arc has been pretty good so far with a good Ms Marvel Rogue fight.

The Good

This issue continues from the last one with Ms Marvel being chucked into Limbo prison and it is intresting to see what Magik's prepared to keep the Avengers locked up with them all experiencing their worst fears and also what she's made to stop the Avengers getting in. This whole scene is interesting but I do have a few issues with it that I will talk about later. Then we get to a scene with Rogue in and she then decides to go rescue Ms Marvel from Limbo and what she decides to do is interesting and a neat twist. She eventually reaches Ms Marvel and they then share a moment then they decide to escape and that whole scene is very good and show's that they can get along. They don't get out and Magik and Rogue get into an arguement about what the X-men have done and

in the end Magik's way of resolving the argument is to send her to another world and that was a neat twist I liked.

The Bad

Nothing really happened in this issue I mean it's basically a issue of Rogue wandering around Limbo and all of the scenes felt a little stretched

especially the scene where Rogue tries to bond with a demon it was a bit long.

The art wasn't great the action scenes where laid out pretty well but Rogue's and Magik's boots were enormous and people's faces looked a little odd at times.

4 stars.

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