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X-Men: Legacy #268 Review

X-Men: Legacy #268 Review


Frenzy stars in an issue dealing with the aftermath of Phoenix possessing 5 X-Men, particularly Cyclops.

The Good:

The story in this issue was really good. I never knew anything about Frenzy’s past before this issue, she was always jest there, a standard villain turned hero, but this issue changes that. It dives into her past as she tracks down an African militia with a young girl who is a militia member’s wife. It is a touching story because it shows that even though Frenzy is usually portrayed as a woman with a lot of brawn and not much brains, that is not true and she is a very practical person who went through tough times (to say the least, I’ll say nothing more because of spoilers) and came out of them a different person. It was also nice having a story not centered on Rogue for a change of pace.

The writing was once again really good; a particularly good part was the opening scene with Frenzy and the cuckoo’s. It delivered some humor early as the rest of the issue has none. The rest of the dialogue is pretty good as well; Frenzy is a very blunt person so what dialogue is there is alright.

The art by David Baldeon is really good. It is similar to Sandoval’s, but it is a bit more detailed, mostly the background. It is a nice change of pace that really compliments the story.

The Bad:

While the art is a nice change of pace, some of the faces look a little strange, like some of the proportions are off.

The timing of this issue takes place shortly after issue 6 of AvX so the story is a bit jarring at first but the opening pages do enough to catch the reader up. This is not the issues fault so it won’t affect the score, but Marvel could do a better job with that. It also spoiled a bit of AvX 6 as well.

The biggest problem that I had with the issue is that it tackles real world problems. There is a reason comic’s don’t do that, it makes the world of heroes unrealistic if there was no hunger or energy crisis or things like that so when issues like that, in this case destroying African militias, it makes the story feel like it is disconnected from the “real world” and was a little distracting from the story. Some people might like it, but I do not.


Over all this is a good issue and as of its publication a terrible tie-in because the issue it is tying into has not come out yet, which is a jarring problem, but after that is looked past, the issue turns out to be a deep issue that really gets into Frenzy and her early days. When AvX 6 comes out I feel that this will be a pretty good tie-in based on how the others have gone.

4 (3.8) out of 5


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