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really beautiful story about one of the most underrated mutants

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AF Reviews: X-Men

Having returned to X-Men Legacy, I can honestly say it was perhaps one of the best decisions I've ever made. Chris Gage is a rare crop of writer in the Marvel family, he can write some of the best and most emotional stories using just words. This issue is a really beautiful story about one of the most underrated mutants of them all: Mimic.

The story follows on from last issue with Mimic, Omega and Rogue facing the possibility of exploding/dying within roughly an hour. The issue, in the style of something like "24", counts down that hour until the pivotal moment as we see Mimic and Rogue deal with their surprising mortality. Mimic is a character who's highlight prior to this was an alternate reality version of himself on Exiles and his main counterpart was constantly tossed around being confusingly used with no consistency. This issue really brings the character full circle and makes him into a proper character for once. To avoid spoilers, the work done with Mimic, and even Omega, is staggeringly touching and devastatingly upsetting.

Normally I'd talk about the art, but the matter of fact is I was so engaged in the story, I didn't really pick apart things with the art. I did notice a lot of the characters were again looking down at the ground all the time for no reason again. I'm guessing it's a thing that Rafa Sandoval can't really draw faces unless they're looking down which in turn makes every character look grumpy or depressed.

It's a tough issue to summarise without getting into spoiler territory, it's a one you've really got to read for yourself. This is a fantastic character piece for Mimic, a nice and touching resolve from Omega and even a sweet little moment where Toad gets some love! It's just a beautiful issue and it feels like Gage genuinely feels and loves all these characters he's writing. The issue ends with the promise of more Mimic to come which can only be a good thing from Gage after this gorgeous issue.

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