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X-Men: Legacy #254 Review

X-Men: Legacy #254 Review


Mimic and Weapon Omega show up and the situation could get explosive

The Good:

This was a solid issue. The writing was good and everyone seemed in character, especially Beast who sounded very scientific. The situation that the group finds themselves in is quite interesting and leads to some revelations about who the school is open to. Another cool thing is that the characters remember the past of Mimic and Weapon Omega from the Dark X-Men/Utopia story instead of ignoring it or not talking about it. Another interesting thing is that the book has a semi-rotating roster, Beast gets a lot of face time here and since he isn’t in Wolverine and the X-Men (believe it or not Wolverine is not here at all) it is like these two books happen simultaneously instead of one then the other. Chamber makes an appearance, which is always cool, and he is now a teacher for Coping with Physical Changes and Rockslide makes a funny joke.

I really like the art in this issue, Rafa Sandoval is similar but different from the last guy, his Iceman is cool and Rachel Gray has a really cool coat.

The Bad:

While I like the art, Rogue and Rachel Gray have some really poufy hair and it is kind of weird. The only other problem I have is that the series has focused so much on Rogue since they got to the school; I wish they would show other characters like Rachel Gray, Cannonball, or Gambit more. I also wish the Rogue/Magneto and Frenzy/Gambit relationships would be addressed in a more complete manor. Frenzy is shown being jealous but I hope it comes to the forefront soon, mostly out of my curiosity than anything else


Standard adventure for the series, nothing too intense but not too boring; this is a fun read if you are a fan of some of the more secondary characters or a fan of Rogue. If you are looking to get into the series, this would be as good of a place as any but the initial conversation might be confusing.

4 out of 5

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