pspin's X-Men: Legacy #260.1 - Back to School review

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X-Men: Legacy 260.1 Review

X-Men: Legacy 260.1 Review


The X-Men try to stay true to Wolverine’s idea of the kids not fighting.

The Good:

This was an actual issue so if you skipped it you should get it. The team accidentally opens a portal to another dimension and fights demon/alien things without alerting the children. This is handled well and Rogue proves once again that she has a few tricks up her sleeve. The end of the issue is kind of a shocker involving Gambit and a certain someone, if you have been reading the series it has been seen before but I thought it was going to be ignored, if you haven’t been reading regularly prepare for a shock.

The best part of the issue was in the beginning (pages 1-3) when Rogue explains what the move to Westchester was all about, if it was worded that way in Schism itself, it would have made much more sense. It was also nice to Gambit allude to his time with X-23.

The Bad:

The lineup keeps changing, Cannonball and husk are added and Ariel is not there, it’s not a big deal, just annoying.


Fans should get this as I bet there will be consequences it is a great jumping on point for new readers too. This was a great issue

4.5 out of 5

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