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Not great but ultimately satisfying

X-Men Legacy #251 continues the team's mission to find and capture Legion's escaped personalities. Battles with Chain, a mutant with the ability to replicate himself through physical contact, and Susan in Sunshine, a young girl who turns the emotions of others into raw energy, take up most of the issue but both are simply a set-up for the upcoming battle with Styx. 

Mike Carey's story doesn't feel great but at the end of the issue I felt satisfied. It's hard to explain but Carey seems to have a good grasp of his characters and his story almost has a classic X-Men feel to it. While this particular team is a little unusual and Frenzy is an annoyance, it has enough of the elements needed for a good X-story. 

Khoi Pham's art is good but not great. He's at his strongest during the action sequences but his characters are a tad inconsistent. Also sometimes his work looks a little rushed with attention to detail being the real casualty. But as a whole his art doesn't really take away from the story. It just fails to elevate it to where it could be. 

Like I said, in many ways this issue feels like a classic X-Men story. Carey knows what he's doing and I did enjoy the book. I wish Pham's art was a little tighter but over all this is a decent X-Men book to satisfy us until Schism.

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