djotaku's X-Men: Legacy #251 - Lost Legions, Part 2 review

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Good, but what happened to the other story?

Last issue had two stories: Lost Legions and the story of the Red Chick who disappeared.  While the Lost Legions story was good in this issue, the other story seemed to be a much more pressing one.  So I was hoping we'd get some of that.  Oh well.
This story was a lot of fun.  Legion's personalities have made for some entertaining enemies.  This issue featured one who could multiply himself like Madrox only he does it Matrix Agent-style - by turning anyone he touches into one of his clones.  And, like a vampire, only by getting the #1 guy can they stop them.  The second one in this issue was a little girl who amplifies people's emotions.  So that leads to some really crazy scenes and they both may have far-reaching consequences as people spoke their minds and acted on urges that they should have kept to themselves. 

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