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Review: X-Men Legacy #246

Reaper's on the run! Now, all the telepaths who've surrounded Fortress X with their shield join the hunt. 

The Good

Part of the fun of "What If...?" stories like this is getting to see characters do things they never get to do in the regular continuity. To that end, it's cool to see Rogue have such command of her powers as Legacy that she's able to just grab powers and memories, left and right, as the situation necessitates. 

The Bad

For an alternate universe seemingly built on the notion of the Scarlet Witch's mutant decimation getting achieved practically, I still feel like the story's way too crowded. You don't really get the sense that mutants' numbers are dwindling when there are unnamed gnomes and naked cherubs running around in Fortress X.

The Verdict -3/5

We're about halfway through this X-Over and I feel like the hook has still yet to drop in. Instead of the clear world gone mad angle of the Age of Apocalypse,  this feels more like an exercise in giving the X-Men slightly different costumes. The trump card may be dealt in the remaining parts of the story but, at the moment, I'm having a hard time seeing this as something distinct.

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