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Review: X-Men Legacy #245

The Age of X begins in earnest as the X-Men-in-all-but-name encounter an intruder who's actually a familiar face in the regular universe.

The Good

The notion of Rogue being shamanistic sin eater in this reality - -  a Reaper or Legacy who preserves the memories of the fallen - - is a very strong concept to anchor this alternate world. Considering how these mutants' day are numbered, I'm sure it'll come out to play in some really intriguing ways once the heads start rolling. I also appreciated how Shadowcat was revealed in such a teasing way.

The Bad

I understand that the fun of an alternate reality story is to feature as many character variants as possible, but this is really over-packed with mutants. A lot of characters on the cover don't speak, some don't even appear.... and that all seems to especially fly in the face of this being a world where the mutants have been hunted down to a sparse group of survivors.

The Verdict 3/5

It's impossible not to evaluate this in comparison to the Age of Apocalypse and, as such, it honestly feels like a lesser-realized follow-up. Magneto and Rogue are leading a skeleton crew of X-Men whose line-up includes some morality-swapped villains, Gambit has an unrequited tension with Rogue, relationships and leadership roles have been swapped... and the specific similarities go on. The only big difference is in the costumes and even those are less interesting than the anime inspired ones from the AOA. I'm really waiting for a sharper hook to appear that'll make the AOX worthwhile.

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