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The x-men go to India!

About: Well, it's pretty much about Cyclops sending a few of the x-men to accompany Indra on his trip to visit his family in India. There is also a new character that they threw in there, which i'm most excited to know more about. 
The Good: I really like the cast that'll be in this arc, which consists of Rogue, Magneto, Loa, Anole, and Indra. Personally i'm a huge fan of Rogue, which is why i've been picking up every issue of X-Men Legacy so far, but i also like the fact that there are some new x-men characters in it. It's seriously about time that these kids become a big part in x-men books, also i love how they choose Loa to be in it, since she hasn't really been shown that much. I also liked the art a lot, and how Rogue was wearing her trademark brown jacket. 
The Bad: Personally, i don't have any complaints about it.
Overall: I give this issue a 4.5 out of 5. It was a really good read that i enjoyed, please get this if your a fan of any of these characters, or if you would just like to read a nice x-story. 

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