X-Men: Legacy #237

    X-Men: Legacy » X-Men: Legacy #237 - Second Coming, Chapter Twelve released by Marvel on August 1, 2010.

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    “SECOND COMING”, CHAPTER TWELVE X-Force cuts their way through a dangerous future trying to cut off Bastion’s armies at the source. They better hurry as the X-Men in the present are falling left and right

    It begins with a battle. Magneto has awakened and will defend Utopia with all his power.

    As it transitions to the future X-force is trying to keep the Master Mold busy while Cable and Cypher enter the information center of the sentinels. Cypher is able to determine that he has entered processing core of the Master Mold because all the data he is reading is trying to keep him away from the area by making it "seem" to be harmless. Cypher uses the batlle machine he had comadeered to interface with the Master Mold's mainframe.

    The narration switches back to the battle at Utopia. Bling, Rockslide and Storm are seen facing off against Nimrods. Storm attacks the Nimrods, but they are able to counteract her powers and build a charge large enough to incapacitate her. As the Nimrods decend from the sky to elliminate her Hope and Rogue appear. Rogue siphons Storm's powers and created an updraft that Hope uses to destroy the Nimrod with her weapon designed in 2712.

    Return to Magneto's fight, the Nimrods's mention that he is only at 32% power and start to surround him in an attempt to destroy him. Magneto fights back reminding the Nimrods that he created Utopia and it was almost completely of iron. Shortly after the Nimrods are destroyed with shrapnel created fromt he island.

    Back in the future Cypher continues to attempt to defeat the Master Mold. The Master Mold enters Cyphers mind and tried to assimilate him. The mistake it makes is trying to kill him with a language composed of numbers. Cypher easily interprets the language and triumphs over the Master Mold. Shortly after all the sentinels cease to work and are shut down both in the future and on Utopia.

    On Utopia Husk and Colossus are shown fighting the Nimrods as they all begin to shut down. The Cuckoos find Magneto and wrongly think that it was he that shut down the Nimrods.

    After X-force defeats their enemy in the future, they attempt to return through the portal created by the Nimrods. Fortunately, X-23 is the first to attempt to go through the portal. She is mortally wounded, but her healing factor can compensate. The portal is made to stop any organic entities from traveling through. It looks as though X-force is stuck in the future.

    After the defeat of the Nimrods on Utopia, Hope confronts Cyclops. She is angry because he states that he mourns all the went into the future to stop the Master Mold. She tells Cyclops that they were only cannon fodder that he sent to the future because he didn't have the guts to go himself. Shortly after the reader sees Cable coming through the protal with his techo-virus taking over his body.

    The last scene is Bastion preparing to attack the X-men on his own.


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    "Come on you piece of crap!" 0

    As X-Force fights their way through the future, while in the present the X-Men continue to try to hold their ground, holding on to all they all hold dear, just trying to stay alive.   Some actions in the future will have an impact on what happens in the past.  What will the cost be in the end as there are just 2 more chapters till the even is over.   What You Need To Know. Hope is pretty pissed at Scott for sending Cable into the future, even though they all volunteered, must be the teenager in ...

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    Knight takes pawn(s). Check...Your move Bastion 0

    X-Men Legacy #237 Second Coming: Chapter 12 The cover of this issue makes the hope of what is going on in the future look very dim.   Another excellent cover by Granov.   This story is unfortunately penciled by Greg Land.   He impressed me again this issue however.   The use of “porno face” on the female characters was kept to a minimum and he only drew a couple ladies in obscure positions.   I did think he made Hope look the same age as Cyclops, which didn’t make much sense.   How old is she n...

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