EldestRisk's X-Men: Legacy #235 - Second Coming, Chapter Four review

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    Cliffhangers just get bigger.

    Second coming has been interesting through the beginning, but this issue is the one to make you impatient for the next chapter to come.
    Hope and Cable finally get an involvement with the rest, the new mutants had some hard time and decisions, Cyclops gets to rethinks his whole strategy, the villains really made a big move and gain advantage over the x-men, we even get some deaths, this issue has a lot of things going on. 
    The Good:
    The story is pretty consistent and the plot thickens as characters get different roles. The art is really good, sometimes it can be a little akward but it goes excellent with the story. In comparisson with the previous chapter i think this one was a major advance, because important stuff is happening and it leaves you with that flavor of wanting more right now. 
    The Bad:
    The only problem i had with this issue is that on my opinion the personality of the characters was a little off, besides Cable and Hope all the others seem like they said what they need to say, not what they would say (hoping i'm making any sense), besides that the issue is actually pretty good.
    Final Judgment:
    The best second coming issue so far, i would recommend you reading this so you grow an interest and then go and buy the previous issues. I'm actually really impatient for next week. (who wouldn't with that cover preview)

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