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    "Oh Spit."

    X-Men Legacy is the setting for Second Coming Chapter 4. 
    As The X-Men get closer, so do Bastion's forces.  Rogue plays an integral part, and a major advantage is about to be taken away.  An member of the team does not make it out of this issue alive.
    What You Need To Know.
    Hope and Cable are back.  The X-Men give them an escape route before they are able to teleport them back.  Scott is trying to get them to Utopia.  X-Force has been outed.  The New Mutants are fighting at a manufacturing facility.  Karma has been hurt.  
    The Good
    Far too often in these crossovers spanning across the X-Men books, the plot gets lost.  Mike Carey continues to trend of not letting this happen.  While some characters take the foreground, it's the fluent continuation from the last story.
    Greg Land has drawn some of the best pages in this series so far.  His artwork with all the character's is extraordinary.  
    Scott Summers.  So many people give him so much trash, but he does what he does best, strategically lead.  
    Cable and Hope's relationship is consistent throughout all the books so far and it's been something that drives this story significantly.  
    The Bad
    There's really only one panel that was drawn kind of weird, but that's also due to how the character looks so it's no big deal.   
    Where the hell are Kitty Pryde and Magneto?
    The Consistent Continuity. 
    It's really been amazing throughout the first 4 chapters.  At some point it may waiver, but at this point in time, each book flows perfectly into the next.  It highlights the people in the book, however it never waivers from the main storyline, which is really how things should be done. 
    I've been massively impressed with this story so far.  It's getting to the point where it's almost not new reader-friendly anymore.  That's to be expected though, it's basically 1/4 of the way into the event.  It's not too late to get the back-issues and catch up.  The previously does give you a nice summary though so if you don't want to buy those past issues, you might be able to understand everything.  Well written and well drawn.  This arc continues to amaze me.  

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