X-Men: Legacy #234

    X-Men: Legacy » X-Men: Legacy #234 - The TellTale Heart released by Marvel on May 1, 2010.

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    NECROSHA: EPILOGUE. Rogue has survived a lot in her day, but can she survive the men warring for her heart? It’s not the first time several men have courted the Southern Belle, but it is the first time she can actually do anything about it. Who will she chose? You’ll be shocked!


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    A Really Cool Rogue Issue!!! 0

    Yep, it's true! Benzo's reviews are back! But this time, there new and improved reviews!( they also come with a twist!*)      The Plot! In this issue, Rogue tries to adjust to her new role as a mentor, throughout the issue she is trying the solve probelms relating to other mutants and the x-students. while doing this, rogue has to keep hold of the stepford cuckoos telepathic powers, so they can trace where the pheonix force has gotten to. Plus this issue explores rogue's relationship with gambit...

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    Sexual Broadcasts 0

    I like X-Men Legacy. I think it's a book that focuses on characters I care about and unlike a lot of other X-Books Legacy seems to have a slower pace. This is a great example of the slower pace because after the tie-in arch to Necrosha we get a stand alone issue that gives some insight into a few characters. The story of issue #234 is more like the Twilight Zone episode "Penny For Your Thoughts", were a banker is allowed to read peoples thoughts because he drops a coin a certain way and it get h...

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    All about Rogue...mostly 0

    X-Men Legacy #234First off, a key to this story is we discover that the Pheonix Force is MIA. They aren't able to find it. So we have seen in leave Rachel in space during War of Kings, and we have seen the Force leave the Stepford Cuckoos. This definately has something to do with Hope and Second Coming, just from the teaser images. Scott says he will get the X-club sciece guys on it...I'm sure one of them will be smart enough to look through time, but it may not matter by the time they get thing...

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