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Xavier and Magneto face-to-face again! With Xavier comatose and Magneto depowered, these old soldiers appear sidelined. But neither man has abandoned his dream. With the future of mutantkind in flux, how far will these men go to reclaim their place as firsts among their people? And what will happen to those who get in their way?

Fresh off their groundbreaking run on Messiah Complex, writer Mike Carey (X-MEN) and artists Scot Eaton (X-FACTOR) and Billy Tan (UNCANNY X-MEN) take on two of mutantkind’s most iconic figures as well as some of the most important moments in X-Men history.

The man formerly known as Magneto stands over the body of Charles Xavier. He ponders over the paths that they've both traveled down. Omega Sentinel creeps in to offer her assistance. She wants to make sure they both are safe and is offering herself as a mechanism. She feels she owes who she is to both Charles and Erik. Magneto asks her if she can detect any brain activity. She says that when he speaks, there's something happening. She's just not sure if it's good or bad. Magento says that's basically the story of his life.

Flashbacks to the X-Men's fist encounter with Magneto. Magneto telling Xavier his path is the wrong one, etc.

Karima asks Erik who's path was the correct one. He tells her to ask Charles when he comes to. They prepare to try to bring Charles back.

Down below, Frenzy is getting restless. She's not happy that Erik is there now that he is merely a flatscan. Exodus says that it's possible he could succeed where he failed. Frenzy says that Magneto's way is the proper one and all Xavier did was get in the way.

Back in Xavier's mind, another confrontation plays out. Magneto starts using the words that Xavier once said. Charles tells him to stop and finally wakes up. Karima checks if he's okay. Charles is weak. He says his mind is not complete. Magneto asks him to settle the debate he and Karima were having about who was right. Charles still can't think straight when Frenzy comes in. Erik steps forward telling her that Exodus gave orders that they wouldn't be interrupted. She tells him that since he's just a flat-scan, he doesn't have the right to say anything to her. He asks her if she plans to simply kill Xavier. Frenzy grabs Magneto by the throat and flings him across the room. Omega Sentinel creates a cannon and starts shooting microwaves at her. Frenzy tells her it's a smart idea but her insides are just at tough as her outsides. She begins beating on Omega and even punches her fist through her stomach.

Charles looks up at her and tells her he remember her. She says that's nice because her face will be the last thing he sees. Charles then says, "he's thinking about your eyes." Not knowing what he's talking about, Frenzy is momentarily distracted. Magneto, holding a surgical laser, aims it directly into her eyes since her optic nerves lead directly into her brain. She's down but Magneto says he doubts that she's dead.

Magneto brings forth the question again. Charles thinks and says that they've been canceling each other out for some time. Magneto agrees and says they eventually became irrelevant. Charles is still weak. He says that so much is missing.

Exodus comes in and isn't too happy about what happened to Frenzy. Magneto says he did what he had to do to protect Exodus' "patient." Exodus asks him what punishment he would have issued to his Acolytes if a flat-scan harmed a mutant. Magneto replies he always preferred death over an apology but points out he is not apologizing. Exodus responds by saying that death it shall be. Omega tries stopping him but she is not in the position to actually stop him.

Sensing a change, Exodus wheels around to find Xavier standing up to him. Exodus tells Charles that he just saved him and they are not enemies but if he wants to fight him, he'll destroy what little of his mind is left. Charles seems ready to see how this will go.

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