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David and The Cyclops

This certainly isn't the most unique or compelling of Mike Del Mundo's covers, but it's still a Mike Del Mundo cover. Its's great. And on interiors, Paul Davidson's not Tan Eng Huat, but he does a fairly good imitation of it. He smoths some of the corners and creates a slightly more general style, but there's still enough of the crazy style to fit.

Cyclops has been dealing with just about everyone in the Marvel Universe lately, so at this late stage in the game, something very different must be done to stand out and not feel forced. And of course I can always count on Simon Spurrier's X-Men Legacy for unique storytelling. Yes, Legion is playing the revenge game, avenging his fallen father, the hero of the previous era. To truly be his legacy from a mythological standpoint, Legion must defeat the one who 'dishonored' the legacy. But of course David is always thinking of the political and sociological angles. This is one of his best narrations as he analyzes how traditionally his foes play their roles in the story, and he uses this to plot his vengeance to be as PR friendly as possible. Most arcs end with him having had a whole different agenda the entire time, and I feel like it's getting a tad predictable, so I'm hoping this doesn't turn out like that. His motivations leading into this issue certainly suggest he's not as in control as usual in the longer game.

Although when it comes to the main initial confrontation, Legion's got it down to the details. In fact, he's so on top of things, it's almost broing. Not quite, but close. There's a point where you see he's just giving you a look at each member of the Uncanny X-Men, though some of the fights have interesting outcomes and his strategy for the overall battle is pretty intriguing to watch unfold. It was also really interesting to see Blindfold and The Stepford Cuckoos meeting up again due to the high school archetypes they represent.

In Conclusion: 4/5

Most of this issue goes by like you might expect. There's a lot of uniqueness, but overall it's Legion fighting each member of the Uncanny X-Force, and yet the whole time you can just feel that each battle is just part of the appetizer, and the appetizer ends up feeling a little drawn out. But of course the last bit of the issue demonstrates how Legion's going to approach this in a unique way, and the analysis of the stereotypes throughout the middle are excellent as well.

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