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X-Men: Legacy #12 Review

X-Men: Legacy #12 Review


Legion faces off against the Red Skull, makes friends, and summarily loses them.

The Good:

This issue is the culmination of the second story arc, since issue 8, and wow is it a doozy. It has a little bit of everything, humor, action, drama, and a relatively large cast. This might sound bad but it is all masterly tied together with a story that shows Legion is more than a nearly omnipotent mutant, he is actually really smart. Looking back there have been hints that there was actually a chess game going on between Legion and Red Skull about what is going on and it is impressive. Another bonus to the narrative is how this story is pretty consistent with what happened in Uncanny Avengers and it all works out. Legion’s interaction with his teammates is really nice to see as it is funny and serious at the same time. The inclusion of Santi Saroina adds some humor to the issue that also gives it some of the trippy nature that Spurrier has put into the series.

Simon Spurrier does an amazing job writing this issue and shows that he is a master of the intermediate game; meaning that he can start plot threads issues back and tie them together in a way that makes you wonder how you didn’t see it coming. I am not sure if one of Legion’s powers allows him to break the 4th wall or if he is like J.D. from the TV show Scrubs, but he narrates the issue like he can and it gives a very unique tone to the series that is more conversational than the usual thought boxes.

The art by Paul Davidson is appropriately crazy for the issue. While not the cleanest art ever, it is a good fit that captures the hectic nature of what is going on.

Mike Del Mundo’s cover is of the highest quality as always.

The Bad:

Nothing this was a great issue.


Simon Spurrier’s superb writing combines with Paul Davidson’s crazy art to deliver an issue so full that it would make you think that it couldn’t work; but then it does work. There is a lot of payoff in this issue and it shows that a slow pace can go a long way.

5 out of 5

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