pspin's X-Men: Legacy #10 - Invasive Exotic, Part One review

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X-Men Legacy #10 Review

X-Men Legacy #10 Review


Legion tracks makes a deal with his father and makes a deal with a devil. (Not literally).

The Good:

The story was a good one if not slightly mistimed. This is because the Stepford Cuckoos are still at the school but leave in All-New X-Men. This however is not much of a problem because they are entertaining and provide a laugh or too. Blindfold is the epitome of creepy in this issue; she uses Cerebra to watch Legion without him knowing about it. At least she acknowledges this because the first step to getting over a problem is admitting you have one. The rogue personality in Legion’s head also gets some panel time here, which is good because it is a plot thread that could easily get very drawn out. The highlight of this issue though is the bad guy for one reason: he is not a hate-spewing zealot against mutants. He isn’t even a bad guy despite all that has happened to him, he is just trying to find a way to see if being a mutant is reversible, and he isn’t even a mad scientist. Many superhero books, the X-books in particular, use Nazi’s or white supremacists or anti-*insert name here* zealots as bad guys because they easily get the reader to hate them because in the real world, they are villains; and all too often every person in the comic has ulterior motives against the hero or group or whatever. While that is how they keep the reader’s attention, it gets old; but when it is gone, you realize how prevalent the trope is. Having a not-really –villain here is really a nice change of pace for an X-book and it works well.

Simon Spurrior does a great job with the writing. The issue is both funny and serious blended together in a great way. The characters all have separate voices and he does an especially great job with the “bad guy.” He does a great job with the dialogue heavy issue; there is a lot of information given but not everything is spelled out in order for the reader.

Paul Davidson draws the issue and it looks great. He should really be the full time artist for the series. There is a lot of detail without becoming cluttered and it blends perfectly with Rachelle Rosenberg’s colors.

The Bad:

Nothing is really wrong with the issue. There is not much action and a whole lot of dialogue that can get a bit tedious.


Another great issue comes from the pen of Simon Spurrior that is made better by Paul Davidson’s art. The story is a nice change of pace from the constant drama and death of the standard X-book while still being serious and interesting as well.

5 (4.5) out of 5

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