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David A.k.a. Legion is the son of Charles Xavier, how will he react when he learns of his fathers demise?

The Art

Is okay. It's nothing amazing, it's a bit messy at times. It's not bad, it's just nothing exciting.

Story and Script

I gotta say I didn't think I was going to like this as much as I did. Initially I was very excited about the series but as I saw all the reviews come in, I decided not to pick up the book. However when I went to my LCS today to pick up some comics, this was $1.99, so I thought "whatever, I'll give it a try".

The first few pages are extremely confusing, don't make much sense. However the book improves. David is pretty sympathetic, you gotta feel a bit sorry for him. His dad just abandoned him in the mountains and hasn't bothered to check in at all.

So I guess the writer achieved their goal of making me interested in the character. However did they achieve the goal of making it a good jump on point? Well sort of. There isn't a lot of references to continuity but the story in itself is a bit all over the place. They give you basic details you need to know.

The story jumps around a lot. It can get pretty confusing at times. The dialogue is pretty good to.


I honestly don't know what to tell you. It's an okay issue but the story jumps around a bit and can get confusing at times. I like the concept and may check this book out in the future. I haven't yet determined what I'm gonna do with this book.

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