A Sneak Peek at my interview with Chris Claremont

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Hey Guys, I had the wonderful chance to talk with chris claremont from X-Men forever, I thought I'd give my friends here at Comic Vine a brief peak at it. 

Enjoy! And look for the complete interview coming up in the next few days at Necessarycool.com

(NC) Now how do you feel about  the X-Men Forever book? Is this something you think will live up to the now legendary work you've done in the past? 

(CC) I think actually, it'll rise far beyond what came before. Call it call those years of practice.

(NC) Can you give us a glimpse at what you have in store for readers of Forever?

(CC) Well -- as I said before, the third arc will be focused on Colossus.  The fourth will be focused on Rogue. The reason I'm not going any more into specifics is that I don't want to spoil what's coming  -- although I wouldn't be surprised to see the return of the all-new, all different Hellfire Club somewhere along the way.

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