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First Class is Amazing!!!!!!!

This was a great x-men movie. I enjoyed it so much and it had alot of great things. It had a great cast like Magneto and Professor X and so many more. The story was great and even though it wasn't like the comic it still was a blast. The ending will surprise people. Overall I'm giving it 4/5 because it was full of fun, action, laughs and provide a great story with an amazing cast. 

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    I have to say that this movie was one of the best reboots that I have seen and probably helped save the X-Men franchise considering the bomb that they had X3: The Last Stand and the so-so X-Men Origins: Wolverine.What truly impressed me was that they chose to focus on Professor Xavier and Magneto. These two major characters barely get any screen time in the previous films and thus, we’re left with a question mark to their past. I also personally enjoyed the fact that they interwove the eve...

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