"X-Men" Divided We Stand

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    Divided We Stand deals with the aftermath of Messiah Complex. It runs through several X-Books including X-Force, Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine, X-Men: Legacy, Cable, Young X-Men & X-Men: Divided We Stand.

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    The Uncanny X-Men


    #495 - The X-Men have disbanded! Or they have for now at least! Cyclops and Emma Frost are vacationing in the Savage Land, having a wonderful time, jumping into lakes, running from dinosaurs and meeting Shanna and Ka-Zar! Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Colossus venture through Europe, and are on their way to Russia. And something strange is going on in San Francisco, and all I can say is: it's the decade of love again!

    #496 - As Colossus lays flowers on his family's graves, he, Nightcrawler and Wolverine stop in a bar and have a heart-to-heart with each other. But these are the X-Men, and they can't go anywhere without getting into a fight. After a distress call last issue from Angel, Cyclops and Emma make their way to the transformed city of San Francisco, to find out that it's all a psychic projection!

    #497 - Cyclops and Emma need to blend in, and adopt hippie disguises! But, the caster of this illusion knows who they are, and is sending the police after them. On their way out of Russia, and the three musketeers are attacked by the Red Room! But, of course, they won't go down without a fight, but soon, they have to go down...

    #498 -The trio are being tortured, but they still won't give any information about the loss of mutant powers on M-Day! Luckily, they're able to escape, but an old Russian foe is waiting to fight... Emma and Cyclops are being lead into a trap, and decide to go ahead and follow it! But there is one hell of a suprize for them at the end of this trail...

    #499 - The finale of Divided We Stand is here! In San Francisco, Emma and Cyclops face off against their friends, and after freeing them from the illusion, they are made an offer they can't refuse by the Mayor of San Francisco! And in Russia, the trio face off against Omega Red, but he's not that easy to defeat!


    X-Force #5
    X-Force #5

    #1 - X-Force are back! After being reformed by Cyclops, the group are now operating out of Angel's Aerie in Colorado, and they are going to deal with some of the X-Men's most dangerous foes... Permanently. And their first victims... The Purifiers. So, enter: Wolverine, Warpath, Wolfsbane and X-23 as they go on one hell of a killing spree. And which enemy of the X-Men returns?

    #2 - Is Wolfsbane dead? No she's not, but she has been captured by the Purifiers! And X-Force intend on getting her back! After the Purifiers base has been blown to pieces, X-Force tear every Purifier base across America apart, as they search for Wolfsbane! But, something - or rather someone - from her past has teamed up with the Purifiers, and is back to talk... Well, that's all, at least for now.

    #3 - The group have found Wolfsbane! But she is not in good condition! She's been drugged to the brim with what is believed to be heroin, and the only one who can save her is Elixir! Plus: Many mutant haters have fought the X-Men over the years, and have usually lost or been killed; but now their back, and I mean all of them are back!

    #4 - As Elixir heals Wolfsbane, X-23 and Wolverine have a little chat. But Wolfsbane wakes up and attacks Angel and Elixir, should X-23 attack, or listen to what Wolverine told her? And the Purifiers are creating a new army, a Choir too be exact. But, how exactly were they made? And what has their creation done to an X-Man.


    Cable #1 Variant
    Cable #1 Variant

    #1 - Continuing from the latest X-Men crossover, X-Men: Messiah Complex, Cable travels through time as he attempts to protect, nurture and save the mutant messiah! But, as always, things aren't that easy! After beating up a gang, an old fr-- enemy is lurking, and not in the shadows, but rather a cafe!

    #2 - Cable and Bishop battle in the streets of the New Jersey, but the gang is back and it's members want blood! As Bishop has a little think back to the events that have happened as he has tracked the two down. And, is this the end of Cable and the Baby Mutant? No, of course not...

    #3 - Cable and the Baby Mutant have been taken in by Sophie Petit, a waitress from the cafe earlier, while Bishop has been taken captive by the gang, and he's got his thinking cap on has he needs to get out! And he has the perfect way: insult his captors! Plus: which X-Man appears on the last page of this issue!

    #4 - As Cannonball tells Cable about what has happened over the past few decades, Bishop manages to escape and is on his way after Cable and the Baby! But, can a confrontation by Cannonball stop him? I think not... And what will Cable do next?

    #5 - Cable and Sophie Petit arm themselves as the conclusion of Arms/War Baby has arrived! So its Bishop VS Cable and Sophie Pettis VS the Turnpike Authority! But who will come out on top! The good guys of course!


    Wolverine #62
    Wolverine #62

    #62 - Wolverine is given one hell of a task by Cyclops: to find Mystique, and Cyclops isn't asking Wolverine to bring her back. So, as Wolverine sets off to hunt her down, tracking her far and wide, but it's not easy. Especially after he kills a woman he believes to be Mystique but actually isn't. Plus: we're taken back to the first meeting between Mystique and Wolverine.

    #63 - Riddled with bullets, Wolverine then heads off to find Mystique again, and this time, she's resting in a bar disguised as a nun! After the two have a drink, Mystique makes a run for it, and then disguises herself as leader of the army! And to get to her now, Wolverine has to call in an old favour... Plus: Mystique shows Wolverine around Kansas City, 1921.

    #64 - Wolverine and his old friend come up with a plan to get Wolverine into the military base: by blowing him up and claiming he's dead! After he's taken in, he attacks Mystique, but she manages to escape. But now, she has a whole van load of weapons at her disposal, and she's not afraid to use them! Plus: something is going on between Mystique and Wolverine back in 1921.

    #65 - The battle spanning four issues concludes here! It's an all out battle between these two killers, and there's a lot of blood, guts and... vomiting. Plus: In 1921, one of the two double-cross each other, or do they both double cross each other?


    X-Factor #32
    X-Factor #32

    #28 - Wolfsbane leaves! And the team aren't happy about it... And to release all their anger, they fuels it into violence by taking down some Purifiers that are hiding in Mutant Town! And which X-Factor female is pregnant?

    #29 - After finding the note from Wolfsbane last issue, Rictor decides to leave! But he doesn't get far after he's kidnapped by none other than Arcade, and is about to be castrated! And Mutant Town has been covered in holograms, which doesn't bode well for X-Factor!

    #30 - Siryn manages to save Rictor! M has hallucinations! Well, I guess that's allowed after she had just been shocked with enough electricity to kill twenty full grown men... Anyway, Mutant Town is about to be destroyed, and it'll take all its inhabitants with it!

    #31 - X-Factor have to act fast to save Mutant Town and its residents! And I mean fast! Siryn saves a comedian! M saves a bunch of punks! And the others save others!

    #32 - Work for O*N*E*, or enter the witness protection program? Which decision will X-Factor choose? Val Cooper is pressuring them to choose one, but remember, expect the unexpected! Or in this case the expected...

    X-Men: Legacy

    Young X-Men

    X-Men: Divided We Stand

    Collected Editions

    Non-U.S. Editions


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