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X-Men Lost

Ok, I've been waiting on this, looking, and waiting for it. and now that I've got it.. I can let you the people know what I think. there are several different Stories so I'll break them down by character

Cannonball-Husk: So Sam and Paige are back home, and Sam wants to get a drink of Whiskey.. and the Anti- Mutant faction in town hears about him and they come calling.... Insert a Fight where Sam, without powers Takes out 4 People. (Go Sam) ... and then he tells Paige, when she Asks why "I just needed a Danger Room" and he's upset, saying it will never be over until they are all dead. And it ends with him Flying off.

Nehzno: So, Gentle goes home, we are given a bit of insight to his origin, and the nature of his powers and the reason he has Vibranium Tatoos (Rather cool BTW) ... this Story has him missing the X-Men even though in truth he hated it there. He is an outsider in his own homeland, and feels alone, and left out. And he longs for his time back at the School

Victor: This By far made this book for me. . Victor sums up the Experience at Xavier's perfectly

"Half my school has been killed, the other half has spent time in Hell..literally hell. The remaining students were hunted by some chromed out rhino and a Da Vinci code army."

Later he's talkign about going back to School

"I was cocky going back to school, I'd studied with the big bad X-Men, how could these small town kids even hope to keep up with me. I was humbled rather quickly. I had no idea how behind I was. My school spent half of each year getting rebuilt from some explosion or another.

I think Victor has the best insight on the School

"And thats what you (The X-Men) don't get, we were...are. kids, We're supposed to be learning, playing video games, going on dates, not fighting the #$%^&*$ devil"

HELLION: Ok this is the story I was looking for, and this is the story I liked second best. Hellion has tracked down magneto, and is offering to join him. Now the one who sold this story was Magneto. Telling Julian "I won't use you, and I won't Kill you" so Basically Julian has been abandoned by not only his family, but the only support network he's known since he was 13.

The Scalphunter Story I really wasn't too impressed with other than to say Nightcrawler has gone crazy since he became a priest.

just saying

All in all... 4 out of 5 Stars NOW if it was ME,, I'd have a new book

Cannonball, Husk, Hellion, Gentle, Anole X-FACTOR you don't want us, but We're STILL X-Men, and we are Still going to Fight for that world where Humans and Mutants can live in harmony. And Personally that team I think would Rock So much

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