Bryan Singer Says the Rogue Cut of 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' is a Different Film

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We've seen the detail specs for the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past - The Rogue Cut. We know the movie's going to be 17 minutes longer. Many have asked, does that 17 minutes make it worth buying again?

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Despite the information announced previously, it seems it wasn't fully made clear how those 17 minutes would change things. It now sounds like it's not just extra footage tacked on at some point. It does sound it's going to change things.

Bryan Singer made it clear in this 30-second teaser.

"This is not just an extended edition of X-Men: Days of Future Past. It's an alternate version of the film."

How much will it actually change the feel of the movie? That's something we'll simply have to watch to find out.

The release will also include close to 90 minutes of new extra features.

X-Men Days of Future Past the Rogue Cut is available on Digital HD, Blu-ray and DVD July 14th. Details on the theatrical showing of the cut during San Diego Comic-Con can be found HERE.

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I can't wait to see it... :)

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Of course he's going to say that, I'll wait to hear it from someone I trust.

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I kinda don't believe them at all. I'm sure it's exactly just an extended version of the movie.

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Does the Rogue cut come with the original film, as well?

I haven't bought any version of this movie, so it would be worth buying for me if it did. Maybe even if it didn't, honestly...

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I'm a fan of this movie and bought the Blu Ray set on day 1. But damn is this stupid to release the extended version a year later. I understand it's good business and all, but very anti-consumer for the loyal people who bought the initial release.

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@rollingshadow7: Yup, and if the Rogue cut sells well, then they'll just do it again with X-Men: Apocalypse.

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@rollingshadow7: Maybe. Or maybe they didn't have the bandwidth to cut a new version of the movie. Same with the extra content. Chances are there's gobs and gobs of extras during shooting but didn't have the time or manpower to sift through it all in order to get the movie out to people when they wanted it. Or it could be they're milking it.

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Stop it Singer, no one wants to buy your movie DLC.

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If that's the case, I would've much rather they put the Rouge cut out from the get-go, instead of us seeing another round of "Wolverine and his back up characters." I'm am so tired of the X-Men movies revolving around Logan. ( Excluding X-Men: First Class)

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I'll get this since I haven't bought the other one yet

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Id really like to take his word for it but unless this is the movie from a different point of view i dont believe it. It would be nice to get more from the future with only the major scenes from the past in a different POV.

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This might be a good way to make up for the Rogue fans that only got a glimpse of her in the ending of the original one. But I agree with @glemerald924 that Singer should've put this version out last year instead.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to it.

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Very interesting. I might just pick it up.

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I'm interested in this, but also not at all happy about having to buy it after already buying the movie. With the LOTR movies, you knew there would be two versions, the standard and the expanded versions, pretty much right from the start, so if you wanted the expanded you could just wait. But this feels different. I'll probably just rent it from netflix or something eventually.

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Can't wait!

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i'm intrigued

@thespoiler your thoughts?

I'm very interested in this and will be buying it, but I have a hard time believing that it's anything more than an extended version, no matter what Singer says. Still excited though.

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@owie: @rollingshadow7:

They did this all the time when DVDs were new, the "collectors edition" followed by the "limited edition", followed by the "super-mega-ultimate edition". Until most people got sick of buying 4 versions of the same movie and finally stopped buying them.

History repeats itself again.

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