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Reprints the final six pages of issue 61 and all of issues 62 and 63.

After a newly-created recap page of recent events, the issue picks up where the previous issue left off, with Angel in a daze leftover from the influence of Dr. Karl Lykos, a.k.a. Sauron. Iceman is also off his game, as he is upset by the increasing closeness of Lorna and Alex. Since they don't know Dr. Lykos is Sauron, the X-Men seek him out to help Angel, but Lykos sneaks in and siphon's some of Lorna's power to resume his Sauron form. Sauron seeks revenge on Dr. Anderssen, but the X-Men arrive in time. Lykos realizes he will never win the love of Tanya if he murders her father, acknowledges the growth of evil within himself, and decides to withdraw from society. Tanya decides to follow him, inadvertently leading the X-Men to him, but it matters not: as soon as Lykos sees Tanya he wages one last internal battle (over whether to siphon life from her or not) and decides to kill himself for the evil within. The X-Men look on disconsolately in a vain attempt to comfort Tanya.

Meanwhile, the Angel tries to help himself recover from Sauron's spell by seeking out Lykos's office only to encounter an enraged Dr. Anderssen. Angel learns where Lykos went and finds Tanya still somewhat upset. He joins the X-Men's search for Lykos's body, but his weakened condition causes him to plummet down to the Savage Land. A mysterious silver-haired man called "Creator" and his amphibian-humanoid companion find his dead body.

In another part of the Savage Land, the X-Men battle a dinosaur until Ka-Zar shows up, confirming their presence in the much-larger Savage Land than anyone had previously thought. With tensions running high among everyone, the superheroes scuffle with Ka-Zar until a larger fight draws away his attention. The Swamp Savages are up to nefarious deeds, which Ka-Zar will not tolerate in his land. They overpower him, but the X-Men rescue him.

The Creator revives Angel, who pledges allegiance to him even if it means attacking the X-Men. Ka-Zar and the X-Men investigate the Swamp Savages activities, fighting off hostile creatures on the way. While Angel meets more of the Creator's army, we learn the Creator is the real Magneto. Angel goes off to stop the X-Men and Ka-Zar from hindering the good work of the Creator, leading to more combat. Eventually Angel recovers his loyalties to the X-Men and vows revenge on the Creator, just before learning it is really Magneto. Magneto informs Angel (and us) where he has been since he was last seen in issue 53. Ka-Zar and the X-Men battle their way to Magneto's inner sanctum and discover the climax of his mutate work: Lorelei, female hypnotist. Marvel Girl, immune to her voice, leads the final assault on Magneto, using Cyclops's powers without him to begin a chain reaction in Magneto's mechanical superstructure. The X-Men escape with the mutates, but Magneto is apparently destroyed in the wreckage. Without the machines of Magneto, the mutates start to lose the powers installed within them. Ka-Zar wonders if the mutates will be better off without their powers; the X-Men dolefully declare they would be glad to lost their powers and not be different from the rest of humanity.



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As with the other issues in this trilogy, the main problem is the horrible "remastering" color work. The colors are muted, washed, and sometimes wholly different - all of which contributes to fewer details and less impressive lines than in the original printing. The story is unchanged, with the exception of a slightly better recap page at the beginning (more like the first issue than the second, though it does misspell Tanya Anderssen's name). Sauron defeats himself in a heart-wrenchingly rapid ...

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