X-Men: Bishop's Crossing #1

    X-Men: Bishop's Crossing » X-Men: Bishop's Crossing #1 - HC released by Marvel on October 2012.

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    When the Upstarts overthrow the Hellfire Club in a bloody coup, the X-Men are caught in the middle! But their battle is interrupted when hundreds of escaped convicts arrive from the future — pursued by the mutant policeman called Bishop! Raised since childhood on the legends of the X-Men, how will this hard-edged fish out of water react to meeting his idols face-to-face? And what deadly portent of doom does Bishop carry with him?

    Plus: Colossus’ long-lost brother Mikhail returns, but he’s gone completely mad — and that’s a “gift” he plans on sharing with the Morlocks! Storm and Forge’s romance is changed forever! And Professor X’s childhood secrets are revealed when the X-Men invade the Alamogordo research facility and battle Hazard!

    Collecting Uncanny X-Men (1963) #281-293, and X-Men (1991) #12-13 and also material from #10-11, written by Whilce Portacio, Jim Lee, John Byrne, Scott Lobdell & Fabian Nicieza, pencilled by Whilce Portacio, John Romita Jr., Andy Kubert, Tom Raney, Rurik Tyler, Mark Texeira & Art Thibert, with a cover by Whilce Portacio.


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