X-Men: Battle of the Atom #1

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Originally posted HERE on August 27, 2013.

The Good

With each issue of Brian Michael Bendis' ALL-NEW X-MEN or UNCANNY X-MEN, I've been in a bit of awe. After the events ofAVENGERS VS X-MEN, the X-Men became divide. Cyclops did some disastrous things even though he had good intentions. It wasBeast that decided to bring forth the originalX-Men from the past into the present in order to try to prevent the current Cyclops from going down what he saw as a dark path. Time travel and the X-Men go together like superheroes and spandex but I've been hooked with every issue.

This is where it all starts bubbling to a boil. The reality of it is, there is an almost limited sense to the direction of ALL-NEW X-MEN. How long can the X-Men from the past stay in the present without serious consequences occurring? That's something we're going to see starting with this issue -- in a big way.

The premise of this event is we'll be seeing X-Men from the future journey to the present to try to straighten up the problems of having the X-Men from the past forward in their time. Yeah, it sounds like it could get messy and confusing. But Bendis makes it so compelling. We've seen so many different alternate futures in the X-Men comics. What we haven't been aware of is what effect could having the original X-Men in the present. There's also been the question of are they actually from the same timeline since it used to be Marvel characters couldn't travel within their own timelines. Rest assured, answers will be give. Some, at least.

Bendis sets this story up nicely. With a splashy opening, he also immediately establishes the characters and mood of the current state of X-Men. Sprinkling in the bits of humor makes the story that much more enjoyable.

In terms of art, it's a visual feast. With Frank Cho, Stuart Immonen and Wade Von Grawbadger along withMarte Gracia's colors, you'll have to step back and say, "Wow!" It all just looks so good. We get a variety of scenes. There's some nice big splashy layouts that really allow the details and dramatic poses to be used without a feeling that we're getting short-changed in terms of storytelling. There's quite a few characters present here and they all look good, as they should.

The Bad

It may be another crossover but, seriously, I've been waiting for this since ALL-NEW X-MEN #1. When crossovers start off like this, I have no complaints. Well, this could mean some bad things for some characters, especially if you've looked at the future solicits...

The Verdict

Is the end near? Time travel has often been a big factor in X-Men storylines and this one is about to erupt in a big way. Brian Michael Bendis has been setting up this story since taking over two X-Men titles. We are treated to some great art and action is cranked up to get us hooked from the beginning. Some of today's readers may feel on the verge of crossover overload but it's stories like this that make it worth it. As soon as you finish, you'll wish to see another chapter ASAP. I am fearful of what could happen to some characters. But that's just a sign of good storytelling. Bendis has made me care about some of the X-Men in new and different ways I didn't think could be possible. Reading this, I found myself letting out a big sigh while a smile formed across my face. I cannot wait to see more.

Checklist and preview can be seen HERE.

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Great review

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I'm skeptical. I mean, the past X-Men staying in the present are entirely selfish if their goal is to stay.

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this is gonna be a great week!

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I'm really not a fan of the X-Men, but my friend is, and forces me to read them..so I'll probably read this from him, but I'm not excited or anything.

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Sweet I'm excited

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Really want to read it but I'm not willing to add 3 new books for the next couple months so I'll wait for the trade

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@cafeterialoca: But think about it. What if you were Jean Grey. Sure that'd be kinda weird but put yourself in her shoes and think about it.

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@g_man: Just a random question, do you know how long Bendis is planning on staying on ANxMen and Uncanny X-Men? Is he in it for a long long run or just until this crossover is complete?

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I'm skeptical. I mean, the past X-Men staying in the present are entirely selfish if their goal is to stay.

their goal isn't to just stay...they're staying to try and stop the present day Cyclops

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Seeing the cover to this and All-New X-Men is getting me really excited for this event. Can't wait to read it.

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Excited to pick this up today.

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Read it and wow... Older Scott is REALLY badass, and Iceman is easily the BEST part of this issue.

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Really liked this one. Badass entrance from Cyclops and glad that Wolverine wasn't there so they wouldn't start fighting and instead each side helped each other.

PS: I liked how they did a reverse "Jean!! Scott!!" classic scene with the same posses :P

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IS BENDIS KILLING IT ON X-MEN OR WHAT???!!!! Sure he dropped the ball pretty bad with Age of Ultron, but man, everything the guy does is pretty damn good for the past year. His 2 X-men titles have not just been good, but they're fun to read. He's using the style he used on Ult. Spider-man with all the charters and the inter-mingling. (is that word?) His use of dialogue has been great, and he does a fantastic job dividing charater personalities. I thought at first that he might change a charater a bit, but so far, every character is exactly how they've been known to be for years. Cyclops, Magneto, Wolverine, Iceman, etc. Now he's bringing the action. Now he's past the dialogue and getting to the story we've been waiting for it's great. I'm sure anyone who read this issue, then went and read All New X-Men right after, and that was a treat as well, because it was like a one big issue for a read. Story is strange, but it's fun, and there have been a couple twists we didn't expect. I'm excited to see where this goes. I have a feeling the original X-Men are going back, and that's sad, because I don't think we got enought of them. Not in one year. Not when we figured they could have stayed for a while longer, went back, and just had Prof. X erase their minds. Why leave so soon? It just got started.

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that's exactly what I said. I picked up my usuals. I picked up the events, and then I went and spent way to much money on a bunch of one-shots for Villains months and they all sucked. DO NOT BUY THE ONES SHOTS. Keep your cash, because a great week went from being great to being mediocure because I pimped by DC.

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Loved it

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So the concern that the Young X-men were really from the main timeline is put to rest. I liked the crossover, Bendis really gives the characters their own personality even when there is so many. I liked seeing everyone together. Anyone else liked Cyclops broken optic blasts in this issue? The allusion to the Dark Phoenix was priceless.

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The alternate cover with Deadpool is cool. I want that one so bad.

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@danhimself: Not really. That was why Beast brought them, so current Scott could see his younger self and realise the error of his ways (though that doesn't explain why he brought young Hank, Bobby, Warren and Jean) but now they're staying because, as one of them said, they don't want to go back to their own time knowing what lies in store for them, e.g. Jean dies, Warren forgets who he is, Scott goes on to kill Xavier etc.

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This is a sweet issue.

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If they do go back to the past but retain their memories, then the "All New X-Men" title could follow their adventures from back then. It would kind of be like the current Star Trek movies that diverge into a different timeline. We could see some of the "classic" stories all over again but with some minor or major changes. But of course, as in all time travel stories, how would this affect the current crop of mutants? And would knowing your potential future cause you to change things, change yourself? Would Jean put herself in the situation where she would become the Phoenix? Would the Phoenix latch onto her anyway in some other manner? Would Beast experiment on himself and become all blue and furry? Would Angel one day still become Archangel?

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