X-Men Annual #6

    X-Men Annual » X-Men Annual #6 - Blood Feud released by Marvel on 1982.

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    Storm, under the possession of Dracula! See what happens when the X-Woman loses control over her body and mind. Will young Shadowcat be able to save her mentor? Witness Kitty Pryde at her plucky best as she rouses the X-Men to save Storm from the grip of Dracula!

    This story happens after the events of Uncanny X-Men #159.

    Rachel van Helsing is attacked by Dracula, a foe she believed dead, at her home and is transformed into his servant. Meanwhile Kitty Pryde is very upset because of her parent's decision to get a divorce. During the night she is possessed by an unknown evil. Storm has dreams revealing that Count Dracula still has a hold on her. She travels during the night to England to confront him alone. She is greeted by Rachel and Dracula and instructed to steal the Montesi Formula, a spell that could lead to his demise. She fails to do so as Kitty and Colossus, under her control, thwart her attempt. She is brought back and about to be made into another undead creature by Dracula when the other X-Men rescue her. During the heat of the battle Kitty intervenes and reveals that she is possessed by Lilith, the daughter of Dracula and his most vicious foe. She is bested by Dracula who nearly is victorious but is betrayed by Rachel and promptly destroyed by her. Afterwards Wolverine gives Rachel a proper death by staking her before sunrise. Lilith appears once again still in Kitty's body thanking the X-Men for ultimately completing her devious plan to kill her father. She leaves Kitty's body and Kitty finds she has no memory of what happened. The X-Men leave wondering if this is truly the end of this conflict.



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