X-Men #93

    X-Men » X-Men #93 - Hidden Lives, Part 1 of 2: Open Wounds released by Marvel on October 1, 1999.

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    In a nightclub in New York City, Rogue runs into Mystique, who has been masquerading as a supermodel for the last few months. Ninjas have been hunting the shapeshifter and she does not know why. When Rogue investigates, she too is attacked.

    Hidden Lives, Part 1 of 2: Open Wounds

    The issue opens in the midst of a savage fight between four hooded ninjas and an enraged Sabretooth. He dispatches his foes with some effort and limps away from the battle, transforming back into Mystique.

    In Manhattan, a sharply dressed trio of Kitty, Rogue, and a disguised Nightcrawler are out on the town. Distracted by his unfuzzy reflection and dwelling on Xavier's recent harsh words, Nightcrawler takes his leave of his friends.

    Impossibly deep in the Atlantic ocean, a Japanese Yakiba submarine monitors its operatives – all suspiciously alive after their encounter with Sabretooth. They quickly deduce that it was actually Mystique in disguise. A special operative from Tokyo will deploy within the hour to capture Mystique.

    On the dance floor, Rogue overreacts when a man cuts in on her dancing with a bare hand on her arm – flinging him across the room. She approaches to apologize only to discover that the man was actually Mystique. Joined by a suspicious Kitty, they slip away from the dance floor unnoticed.

    Kurt seeks solitude in a church and finds a heartbroken Polaris, grieving over the recent loss of Havok (in X-Factor #149). She's convinced that someone is following her, and she's also convinced that Havok is still alive!

    On a deserted dock in Brooklyn, Mesmero and Mastermind observe that Mystique continues to evade Yakiba. They refer to an unknown master, who commanded them to keep a low profile.

    Rogue flies Kitty and Mystique back to a glamorous Manhattan apartment maintained by one of Mystique's deep cover identities. While Kitty patrols, Rogue visits another of Mystique's apartments – this one belonging to a super-model identity. While investigating Rogue is beset by the same Yakiba ninja's that attached Mystique as Sabretooth.

    Rogue effortlessly bests the ninjas, only to be confronted by a blazing Sunfire!



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    Old school, 80s-style, intriguing X-Men 0

    This issue feels pulled right out of the mid-80s run of Uncanny X-Men with its set of classic Alan Davis pencils, subdued colors, and layers of subterfuge. Be warned – not only do I have a strong 80s X-Men fetish, but this issue focuses on my two favorite comics characters – Rogue and Kitty Pryde. If you don't share those feelings then this will probably seem a lot less thrilling. Story & Script The script of this issue is outstanding from the very first page. Even based on thought-bubbles ...

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