X-Men #92

    X-Men » X-Men #92 - Bishop is Back--But Is He The Last X-Man? released by Marvel on September 1, 1999.

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    Professor Xavier tells the X-Men to take a hike! While the X-Men disband, Deathbird takes down Bishop. But why?

    Continued from Uncanny X-Men #372.

    Jean and Scott arrive at the mansion in street clothes, having recently retired from the X-Men to enjoy life as civilians.

    The couple enters to find their former team fractured as a result of Xavier's harsh words, with different factions debating going their separate ways. Gambit is the first to depart, telling Marrow to stay behind with Colossus.

    Elsewhere, in a beat-up apartment, the Mannites flee an unknown threat, as predicted by the infant Beautiful Dreamer. Nina tries to communicate with the baby, but sees only visions of their impending death. She has to contact her friend Chariie.

    Jean and Scott each meet with the Professor alone while the others pack their bags. Rogue declares to Kitty that she needs a night out on the town, and Kitty recruits Kurt to join them. Colossus thinks Marrow might benefit from a different environment to come to terms with recent changes in her powers. In fact, alone in her room Marrow is able to retract the bones on her face completely before her concentration is interrupted by Colossus.

    In space, Deathbird and Bishop land on a mutated husk of a planet. Deathbird leads him to a giant mound of earth, and Bishop senses something – or someone – inside. Before he can investigate, Deathbird blasts him from behind.

    Bishop later awakens to find Deathbird and the mound both gone. The sole mark on the barren landscape is a street sign: “Las Vegas, Nevada = 42 miles.” (Bishop's story continues in Bishop: The Last X-Man).

    All of the X-Men say their goodbyes for the weekend save for Storm and Wolverine, but Xavier emerges from isolation to tell everyone that if they leave they ought to stay gone. Jean and Scott depart with the others, but Wolverine offers to stay to rebuild the team. He is shocked when Xavier rebukes him – terrified by the glimpse into Wolverine's thoughts via their recent mindlink.

    Before Wolverine can storm off the grounds of the mansion, an image of Nina springs from Jean's mind to plead for help from the X-Men. With the rest of the team departed and Storm accompanying Xavier recruiting a new one, all that's left of the X-Men is Jean, Logan, and Scott – and both men vow to help the Mannites. (Their story is continued in Astonishing X-Men, vol. 3)


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    The X-Men dissolve before your eyes 0

    The Bishop scene depicted on the cover hardly factors into this issue, which witnesses the arrival of Jean and Scott to try to temper Xavier's intractable nastiness and the subsequent dissolution of the team.  Story and Script I love issues where the X-Men have downtime when they are written well, and this is a great example. Each member of the team has their own complaint about Xavier's brusk treatment, and their reactions (and factions) show a keen eye for the long histories of these character...

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