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Retconned character eclipses decent issue

This issue would be awesome except for the massive retcon and deux es machina that is Astra, displaying Joseph to be a complete editorial blunder years in the making. Not only that, but Davis is at his worst as he leans heavily on throwaway intergalactic mumbo-jumbo to explain Astra's technology. 
Still, it's good to know where Joseph came from, and the art is strong.

Plot-wise, the high points here are the brief, continuity-informed glimpse of Dr. Gabrielle Haller and the fact that the X-Men can't fix everything. Storm aside, this particular combination of members is relatively useless while stranded in the middle of an ice field, especially while grounded by Magneto. Iceman, where art thou? (Also, in an art-continuity goof, Davis shreds Rogue and her costume early in the issue, but we see her on her feet and intact several pages later.)
Bottom Line
Unless you have the stomach for the poorly-plotted Astra-retcon, four issues into the Magneto War story (and two into the crossover) and the most interesting part is still probably Ferris-the-robot's speech to the United Nations.     


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