X-Men #83

    X-Men » X-Men #83 - The Hunt for Xavier! Part Four: Tomb of Ice released by Marvel on January 1, 1999.

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    [Note: This story arc continues from The Uncanny X-Men #363 - The Hunt For Xavier! Part Three: When You're Unwanted]

    In the Tajikinistani monestery where the X-Men are searching for Professor Charles Xavier, Storm is battling an avatar of Cerebro, designated Cerebrite Alpha. The construct holds Colossus in its claws and Storm fires lightning bolts at it, while Rogue and Gambit lie unconscious nearby. Also there are the telepathic girl, Nina, and her guardian Renee Majcomb. Nina psionically revives Rogue and Gambit, and together the X-Men blow a hole in the floor which swallows the Cerebrite, but only briefly. The group takes the opportunity to rush from the chamber.

    As Cerebrite Alpha reconfigures its form, it transmits a message to Cerebro Prime, which is based in an east coast facility which it had reshaped into a replica of Professor X's Cerebro chamber. Cerebro reiterates its command to capture Xavier.

    Having found respite in another chamber in the monestery, Nina and Renee explain their connection to the Professor: Xavier had managed to escape Bastion’s custody, along with the powerfully telepthic Nina, who was a fellow prisoner. Xavier had Nina absorb his dormant psychic abilities, to include many of his memories. He summoned Renee to take guardianship of Nina, and the child led the two of them to the monestary where Xavier had spent some time in his youth. However, the Cerebrite had tracked them there and killed most of the monks who resided there.

    As Renee concludes her tale, the Cerebrite again appears, possesing Colossus’ body. Rogue helps Renee and Nina flee, while the construct, guided remotely by Cerebro Prime, creates a box to enclose the claustraphobic Storm. She generates a tremendous lightning discharge to free herself, but she inadvertently knocks out Gambit in the process. The Cerebrite then absorbs Storm.

    Able to sense the events behind her, Nina informs Rogue her allies are down. Rogue turns back to aid them but succumbs to the Cerebrite as well.

    Meanwhile, on Alcatraz Island, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Marrow, Blob, Toad, Mimic and Post fight to protect Professor Xavier from Cerebrite Beta.

    Finally, in Tajikistan, with no further resistance to hinder it, Cerebrite Alpha captures Nina, and takes off into the sky with her.

    [Note: This story arc continues in The Uncanny X-Men #364 - The Hunt For Xavier! Part Five: Escape From Alcatraz]


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