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The X-Men are running a training session in the Danger Room of the Xavier Institute. However, Marrow refuses to take it seriously. She turns toward the exit, but Wolverine (Logan) is there to tell her either she trains with the team, or privately with him. She begrudgingly rejoins the rest.

Remy LeBeau (Gambit), currently living nearby in Scott and Jean's old boathouse, is exercising on the dock, where he is surprised by Rogue. They briefly speak before she turns back toward the mansion. As he follows, Logan welcomes his return to the team, but warns him to neither betray them nor break Rogue's heart again.

Meanwhile, in the Mapparium in Boston, Massachusetts, a hooded woman sits talking to voices in her head. She anticipates going on some sort of killing spree, starting with a pair of "lovers".

Back at the mansion, Colossus and Storm talk in her sanctuary and she teases him about Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) and his unresolved feelings toward her.

Wanting plenty of distance from their teammates, Rogue and Gambit go to Boston to discuss their relationship in peace. But as their talk becomes heated, they come under the attack of the strange woman from the Mapparium, now in costume and calling herself Kali.

Elsewhere, on the Institute grounds, Wolverine and Shadowcat make jibes at each other about their romantic troubles: her break-up with Pete Wisdom, and his marriage of convenience to Viper. She also voices her concern about Gambit living in the mansion.

In Boston, as she battles Rogue and Gambit, Kali divulges that she hears voices telling her to attack the "lovers". They exchange blows while both Rogue and Gambit vehemently deny they are lovers. They briefly overcome Kali, taking the opportunity of the respite to tearfully admit they still have feelings for each other. Kali recovers and makes a last ditch effort to kill the pair in hopes of using their sacrifice to attain godhood, but the duo combine their strength to slam Kali into the cathedral atop which they have been brawling. As Kali lies in the rubble, a green glow emanates from her, resulting in an explosion Rogue and Gambit barely evade.

Later, Gambit and Rogue resume their conversation and try to come to some understanding. She waits for him to admit he loves her, but when he can't bring himself to speak the words, Rogue flies away, saying she won't wait forever. Suddenly, a green mist encircles Gambit, stopping his breath. A woman's face forms and whispers to him that he chooses to be with Rogue, she'll kill her.

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