X-Men #76

    X-Men » X-Men #76 - A Boykie and His Dinges released by Marvel on June 1998.

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    Wolverine learns about Maggott's strange upbringing, as well as how Magneto initially helped him to control his mutant powers.

    Within the Xavier Institute, Beast and Dr. Cecilia Reyes examine Marrow after their battle with the Ru'Tai. Cecilia declares her fit as Cannonball arrives to report that Maggott, due for his exam, is nowhere to be seen. Wolverine finds him hiding in the attic and persuades him to finally reveal his story.

    He and his brothers were raised in a remote part of Transvaal in South Africa by their father, who toiled in a gold mine, and mother. However, Japheth, as Maggott was named, had a serious illness requiring a special, and expensive, diet. No longer wishing to be a burden on his family, the boy drove the family vehicle into the desert unaware his brother Daniel was sleeping in the back. Out of gas, he stopped the Jeep, then discovered Daniel, and began to make their way back. But the heat and dehydration were taking their toll, and they collapsed.

    As if in answer to Japheth's prayer, Magneto appeared, sensing a power within the boy. Magneto used his powers to eject from Japheth's body two slug-like creatures. Later, he learned more about his mutation: as the slugs devoured an antelope, he felt more whole; also, his skin at times turned blue.

    At Japheth's request, Magneto returned them to their home, only to find it in flames. They reunited with their mother who was safe, but she told them white soldiers killed their older brother Lot and torched their home. She went on to say their once-pacifistic father had joined a mob and gone into town seeking revenge.

    Japheth begged Magneto for help and they travelled to the town where they found a riot. Magneto killed the soldiers, at which Japheth turned his back on him, thinking him no better than the oppressors. Magneto left Japheth to reunite with his father, cautioning him that they would one day join forces.

    His tale told, Maggott confides to Logan that the slugs, Eany and Meany, constitute the majority of his digestive system and as his only means of gaining sustenance, reside within his abdomen.

    Later, Ororo Monroe returns to the mansion from her visit to the Salem Center post office. She opens the package sent to her from her home village in Africa revealing a magical figurine of her adoptive mother. The statuette then relates a message to Ororo, requesting her aid in battling an evil that has invaded the village.



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     Quote: Maggott-"Stop the white men" Synopsis: After the ordeals of facing the Ru’tai, Cecilia has decided to give mandatory physicals to all the X-Men , As usual when this bunch is together hilarity ensues. Marrow and Cecelia get into it and she parades around topless (marrow not Cecelia lol) and cannonball barges in. Marrow continues to walk around topless now taunting Sam (funny stuff trust me). While this happens downstairs maggot has seemingly disappeared from the mansion.Wolverine manage...

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