X-Men #75

    X-Men » X-Men #75 - Anatomy of a Monster released by Marvel on May 1998.

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    An investigation into Wolverine's autopsy leads to the discovery of an alien race out to conquer Earth!

    At the Xavier Institute, despite his injuries and the protests of Ororo Monroe and Sam Guthrie, Logan puts on his Wolverine outfit and heads out to find Maggott, missing since Logan was attacked. Maggott is in Salem Center, at the scene of one of the recent murders plaguing the town, railing at his slugs, Eany and Meany, believing them responsible. He kicks them, but feels the pain himself. Nearby, a SWAT team prepares to track down the killer.

    Back at the mansion, Beast and Dr. Cecilia Reyes discuss Wolverine's injuries, and she points out that Eany and Meany are unlikely to leave what appear to be autopsy incisions. Meanwhile, Storm, Cannonball and Rogue follow Wolverine who has followed a scent to the N'Garai cairn, a portal to the demons' dimension. Beast and Cecilia arrive as creatures begin to materialize atop the cairn. The things attack the X-Men who are aided by the timely return of Marrow. However, the mutants are overwhelmed by the invaders.

    In town, Storm, Rogue and Cannonball find Maggott and prevent him from turning himself in. As the four discuss the matter on a rooftop, Eany and Meany go over the ledge, and Maggott leaps after them. The rest follow, but somehow they all find themselves transported to a military installation in the Ukraine, where they see another N'Garai cairn. Storm rightfully wonders how many other cairns have been placed around the world, and they enter the portal atop the cairn.

    In the N'Garai dimension, Maggott weakly stumbles through ancient corridors till he comes upon a trio of demons, but the creatures are dispatched by Wolverine who evidentially has been there fighting the things for a considerable time. They then try to find the others.

    Elsewhere, Beast comes to, finding himself, along with Marrow and several humans, bound and suspended around an examination table. On the table lies Cecilia, whose force field prevents the cutting blades from entering her skin. One demon, calling himself Pilgrimm and accompanied by Eany and Meany, pauses the procedure when Cecilia calls them "N'Garai". Pilgrimm explains they are not N'Garai, but Ru'Tai, slaves of the N'Garai until they rose up in revolt, exiling their former masters to another dimension. Pilgrimm was then designated an explorer and since discovering portals to Earth, has been conducting examinations on human physiology, resulting in death, including the murders in Salem Center.

    At this point, Storm, Rogue and Cannonball arrive to challenge the Ru'Tai, but Pilgrimm floors them with an energy beam emitted from the Eye of Kierokk, which he wears as a pendant. Then Wolverine and Maggott also reach the chamber, upon which Pilgrimm bows and begs forgiveness as he releases Beast and Marrow. The confused X-Men watch as Pilgrimm reveals an idol of their deity, Mai'Keth, which resembles Logan, and relates how Mai'Keth entered their dimension and massacred the N'Garai, inspiring the Ru'Tai to rise up. Wolverine recalls it was indeed him who had done so some time ago, while in his bestial form.

    Storm, having heard enough, orders the X-Men to attack and they manage to sever the Eye of Kierokk from Pilgrimm's chain. Cecilia unintentionally damages the Eye causing the Ru'tai to lose power, as well as causing the chamber to quake. Fearing that the portal to Earth will soon close, the X-Men gather Pilgimm's captives as Maggott retrieves Eany and Meany, and they leap through the aperture.

    They emerge from a cairn in front of a Las Vegas casino as the structure (and those like it around the world) explodes.

    In Salem Center, one passive lone Ru'Tai is captured by Black Air agents, while in Vegas, the authorities aid the returning humans, one of whom has glowing red eyes and refers to himself as a "Pilgrimm".



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      Quote: Cannonball- "In other wolrds, ugly, the cavalry has arrived!"Synopsis: The scene opens at the Xavier Institute, where a still injured Wolverine has hoped out of bed and decided he will go and track down the now missing new x-man, Maggott. Storm and the other protest but to no avail. He pulls on his costume tells the others to do the same and goes out into the woods. Storm tries to reassert her leadership but that doesn’t work and Cannonball continues to doubt her leadership abilities. ...

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