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So after avoiding this series like one of those sad victims avoiding the vampires I decided to give it a try. My thoughts on it vol.2 should have just been brought back it would have been easier with that and Legacy and I'll explain why. 


The X-Men have finally got with the times and have hired themselves a PR person to make the world love them (If they only knew what they've been about since Scott took the helm) and with that he sends out a team to prove it what better way then to start from the bottom to get to the top. 

My Opinion 

The issue almost had me reeled in to it but it quickly drew me right out when Cipher showed up looking like the blonde Fonz. The issue pretty much suffers from pacing the entire issue was long and drawn out especially with the sewer trek it played like this; 1 X-Man: I sense something but its weird 2nd X-Man: lets keep moving, X-Man 1: I feel something here but I can't pin point it. 2nd  
X-Man: Let's keep going we might find something down here. with the occasional snarky Emma and Storm banter it just got tedious and boring luckily Bachalo and his art made it possible which I had to backtrack to make sure it was him too his art didn't have the same feel as his X-Men vol 2 art so it was a bit weird to picture something else when looking at it. Finally after a scuffle between the enemy (Which was also kind lousy) we see Spider-Man, To be continued. 
I honestly can't believe this replaced the original X-Men vol 2 I'm not one to whine about things getting canceled and replaced but this is just ridiculous, Vol 2. had great momentum and writing with action and melodramatics to round it all out this just has stuffy words and Wolverine to make people think it looks good and it doesn't even do that right just look to the side at the variant the only one that looks remotely interesting is the Fantastic Four because it at least it tricks me into thinking they'll be there. I really hate to bad mouth books like this but it seems like that flash in the pan vampire arc was the best Gichler could do or at least wanted to do so he just seems to phone it in.I'll give this series one more chance when Yost takes over but as I stated before he nor Kyle are too big in my book so will see. 
2.5 out of 5

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